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Best Toys For A 7 Year Old

From sports to crafts, here's stuff they'll love.

Welcome to middle childhood. That’s what it means when your son or daughter turns seven. According to the CDC, he or she is in school, can dress him- or herself, and even tie his or her own shoelaces. Kids this age catch balls using only their hands. They develop close and important friendships. And their physical, social, and mental skills develop quickly, so it’s vital for them to build confidence in all facets of their lives, through friends, school, and sports.

This is the optimal time to get your kid involved in team sports, so he or she can learn to solve problems and play well with others. If you can make the time, play games and read as a family. And help your son or daughter develop a sense of responsibility by performing household tasks.

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Now, to the fun part. Get them toys that help them write stories, draw intricate pictures, and build and create things, including crafty items,  sports equipment and building materials such as Legos and magnetic tiles. These are some of the best toys for seven year olds.

This killer set includes everything budding artists need to unleash their creativity. You get more than 60 pieces from colored pencils to markers, all packed in a great reusable carrying case.

Kids love to draw. But keeping all that gear in one place is a headache. Now, problem solved, with this all-in-one art kit.

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Of course you could buy bath bombs at CVS. But if you're trying to keep kids off their devices, get this kit and make them instead.

STEM learning doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, this kit makes it a literal blast. Kids get everything they need to make cool bath bombs, that they can use in the tub.

Every kid is unique. Every fingerprint is unique. You see where we're going here?

Your aspiring FBI agent learns how to detect and collect fingerprints with this kit, which contains 10 fingerprint cards, dusting powder, stamp pad, brush, and stickers.

These are the most badass binoculars for kids. They amplify sight and sound with built-in audio amplification and triple the visual magnification.

Intrepid explorers will tackle the wilds (of your backyard) with these binoculars, which kids can see and hear with. Seriously.

After kids unwrap their surprise pet, they add water to wash off the fuzz and reveal the critter inside.

The Fuzzy Pets come inside a shampoo container, and the set includes seven surprises: a magic mirror, a secret message, a bottle, a scooper, an outfit, a fashion accessory and of course, the Fuzzy Pet itself.

It's like a batting cage, but for soccer balls. You blow up the string-attached soccer ball, fill the base with sand or water, adjust the cord length and start kicking.

Yes, mini Messi, this one’s for you. This soccer set works on any surface, and is an outstanding way for kids to build endurance and muscle, improve balance and coordination, and home gross motor skills and reflexes. Plus, it’s just fun.

Beyblades have made a major comeback. So let them battle it out in this stadium, which features a dual rail system that propels tops through the rails and into the battle ring for major clashes.

This Beyblade stadium includes everything needed for epic battles: the slingshock rail rush stadium, two slingshock right/left-spin launchers, and two slingshock right-spin battling tops.

Artie is a cute robot that teaches your kid to code. How? Your kid simply drags and drops blocks of code to tell Artie how and what to draw.

You download the app (of course), connect through your tablet, and then program Artie 3000 to draw whatever you want. Kids drag and drop blocks of code to tell Artie how and what to draw. He’s your personal Banksy.

Kids use clay to create whatever charms they want. You bake the clay. And they wear their creations.

It’s a full DIY jewelry-making kit. Kids get nine bright colors of clay, a custom clay shaping tool, a glaze, a charm bracelet, jump rings and clay loops, and a drying and display stand.

At this age, you should be reading to your kids, and they should be reading to you. Take it one step further and let them make their own books with this brilliant kit.

This is self-publishing at its best. You get a complete kit for writing, illustrating and publishing a hardcover book, about whatever topic your kid loves.

It's Crazy Aaron's putty, but with a literal twist. The goal is to connect the same-colored dots by creating same-colored paths of Crazy Aaron's putty without crossing different putty paths.

It’s putty, but in puzzle form. The goal here is to connect the putty to the same-colored dots. It teaches kids logic and planning skills.

Sports are key at this age, so we're betting this door pong kit (it's ping pong, sans table) will make for hours of fun.

The clamp attaches to any doorway. And it’s like playing ping pong, but without the table. You hit the ball back and forth and back and forth. For hours.

Soon enough, your kid will be old enough to read all about the boy wizard. For now, he can wave his wand around and cast magic spells.

Expelliarmus! No chance, with this light-up wand, a classic from the Harry Potter book series.

Get your kid into sports with this light-up basketball and rim. It's a slam dunk.

You can dribble at night with this light up basketball rim kit. The ball lights up when you use it, and the lights attach to any basketball rim. It’s a cool activity both for kids and their friends, and parents. Your basketball comes with a tool that allows you to remove two rubber caps and change batteries when needed.

Crafting is a great activity for kids this age, which is why we recommend this Sculpey clay.

It stays soft and malleable until the epic art creation is finished, at which point you just bake it in your oven. Yes, you’ll wind up with misshapen coffee mugs. And yes, your kid’s imagination will run fairly wild.

The Q-Ba-Maze big box includes 72 cubes consisting of 3 different designs to be used as scaffolding, ramps, and paths to help young builders learn basic physics.

The Q-BA-Maze is a system of colorful cubes that interlock to form a marble run. You can create marble maze sculptures in any form such as animals, robots, towers, and geometric shapes, which encourages kids to think outside the proverbial box.

Crafting toys are a major hit with this age group. And this one from Alex lets kids make unique personalized cards for any occasion. Kids can stamp their own patterns, and the set includes printed cards, envelopes, stickers, paper shapes, gems, adhesive foam, wooden stamps, stamp pad, washi tape, twine, and a glue stick. Creativity, not included.

No more store-bought generic paper sentiments. With this DIY card kit, kids can make birthday, anniversary, or holiday cards at home.

Of course you can grab soap at CVS. But why, when your kid can make his or her own using this DIY kit?

This kit includes molds to make 10 soaps from scratch. You can choose colors, soap stickers, and skin-safe glitter. Which is how you’ll wind up with soaps shaped like emoji cats, peace signs, and cupcakes. Shower, optional.

Get crafty, in honor of your feline, with this cat-themed kit. It lets kids make stuff for their pets, by hand.

Kids can sew a cat collar and accessorize it. They can create a photo frame for the said cat. And they can even sew a toy for the cat. That’s one very happy kitty.

We're huge fans of Legos here, because they grow with your kids. And this set lets them build an amazing pickup truck toy with hitch and a caravan trailer with removable roof, opening side and extendable support leg.

It’s the perfect level of difficulty for a 7-year-old, and the set includes a mom, dad, and son to let kids build their own camping outing without ever leaving home.

Ah yes, enter the magic world of L.O.L Surprise! This doll house is made from real wood, has three stories, six rooms, and a working elevator!

Kids can unpack 85 surprises as they move into this deluxe house. The outside patio includes a real pool for cold water, a hot tub for warm water and a sandbox for any pets. There is, of course a massive walk-in closet with a vanity.

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