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These Fully-Immersive Kids’ Binoculars are one of Fatherly’s Best Toys of the Year

We even found a set of kids binoculars for aspiring bird watchers.

The best kids’ binoculars let kids see the world around them in a new and magnified way. With binoculars, kids can see bugs in exquisite detail, and spot birds nesting in towering trees. Night vision binoculars let them spy on creatures of the night, or pretend to be ninjas in training. Geosafari Jr. Kidnoculars Extreme were even nominated as one of Fatherly’s toys of the year. Not only do they let kids explore nature up close, thanks to a microphone, kids can also fully immerse themselves in the sounds of birds chirping and leaves swaying in the wind.

If you want a truly immersive experience, these badass binos both amplify what kids see, want what they hear. For your aspiring birder, or just kid who needs a little encouragement to come hike with you, these next-level kids binoculars should do the trick. They amplify sights and sounds three times so kids can wear them like sunglasses and see the wonders of nature up close but also hear the birds by means of a locational microphone. And lest you think that the only benefit here is an appreciation of nature, sure, that's one selling point. But the child development experts at Zero to Three point out that you're also establishing the foundation for a love of STEM learning. Kids start to learn about science when they make observations, and use tools to take exploration to the next level. And by tools, we mean binoculars.

Best Kids Binoculars

If you’re exploring other options for kids’ binoculars, look no further. Our friends at REI have a few solid suggestions for picking out binoculars. You want a full-sized pair for birding or otherwise watching wildlife. A mid-sized pair is great for all-around sporting use. And a compact set, while being the lightest, are also the least comfortable because of their size (or lack thereof). In terms of magnification, binoculars have two numbers showing magnification power and lens diameter.

Binoculars with a magnification power of five, for example, make objects appear five times closer. And if you’re taking your kid out to spot some hawks or eagles, get binoculars with a wide field view.  And if you’re heading out in nasty weather, consider getting a pair of waterproof or weather-resistant binoculars. 

These durable yet affordable binoculars will take a beating and still keep working. Their rubber coating and recessed lenses protect them during all kinds of scrapes and tumbles. The lenses themselves are no slouch—anti-reflective and offering eight-times magnification, they’re a great option for vacations and neighborhood exploration.

These binoculars are great for older kids and are absolutely perfect for hikes and camping trips. OK, while not technically for kids, if your tween or teen has shown responsibility with cheaper options, SkyGenius is an affordable upgrade to adult-quality optics. The 10-times magnification of a 50mm lens will have him or her picking the nose of local wildlife. Some slip- and shock-resistance is standard, and it’s even adaptable to a tripod.

Best Kids Binoculars For Sports

ermafocus technology that keeps distant objects in focus, so kids don't need to constantly make adjustments. And they come with red, blue, black, and white color tiles so kids can focus on their favorite teams from a distance. 

Best Night Vision Binoculars for Kids

True night vision binoculars cost a small fortune. Here's a hardy, handy set that's great for kids. Call us crazy, but we're guessing you do not want to shell out a car payment for top of the line night vision binoculars that your intrepid explorers will lose somewhere in the yard. So check out this pair. They have 12x magnification, and work great in low-light conditions, but not in complete darkness. For that, you need military-grade or hunting-grade binos.

Best Binoculars for Birding

The 10 times magnification and an extra-wide field of view on these lightweight binoculars make them great for birdwatchers scanning broad areas for tiny birds. They're water and fog proof, and under 2 pounds, so kids can carry them without trouble in any weather.

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