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All the Best Bernie Sanders Meme Gear We Found on Etsy

Big. Mitten. Energy.


Bernie Sanders knows how to be a meme. It doesn’t take much, considering his strong Brooklyn accent, his hilarious Jewish affectivity, and his all around no-fucks-given attitude. But the best meme yet may have come out of this week’s inauguration, when the Vermont Senator was caught sitting cross-legged and bundled up in a bulky coat and handmade mittens to brave the cold Washington D.C. air, looking like the inauguration was another errand on his to-do list. A photo of Sanders, taken by Brendan Smialowski for Getty, quickly became a viral meme, and now the Bernie meme has become merch, as people make T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and other things to celebrate the iconic former presidential candidate. These are the best Bernie-meme products we found.

This mug is perfect for anyone who can't stand an unnecessary Zoom meeting. The Sanders meme gives off big 'This Could've Been an Email' energy.

Feel cozy while you project an image of Big Mitten Energy.

This dark grey T-shirt is perfect for, well, just chillin'... If you constantly feel like people are wasting your time, then this tee is for you.

For your have-coffee-DGAF mornings.

For 'Schitt's Creek' fans, seeing Sanders sitting atop the iconic bus stop bench outside the Rosebud Motel in Rockland hit different.

True Bernie fans will already have clothing, stickers, and pins with the eponymous 'Feel the Bern' slogan, which came to be during his presidential run in 2016. But now it's revamped with the addition of the cozy mittens he was donning during the inauguration. Fun fact: they were made by a Vermont school teacher who says she's run out of inventory since being flooded with requests after Sanders's photo went viral.

Bernie's mittens are one-of-a-kind and were handmade by a Vermont knitter. These are the next best thing.

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