The Best Baby Carriers For Dads

You'll be hauling around a baby, so better invest in a baby carrier that's comfortable, easy to strap on, and won't kill your back.

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A baby carrier is one of the most necessary pieces of baby gear for most parents. It’s an excellent way to bond with a child while also freeing your hands up so you can, you know, get stuff done. The best baby carriers for men are safe for the baby, easy to strap on and take off, won’t leave you a sweaty mess — or needing a heating pad for your aching back. There are a number of varieties available, from baby carrier wraps to baby sling carriers. Whichever model you choose, fit is paramount.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is a strong proponent of what it calls “baby-wearing” both as a response to an infant crying and as a way to prevent crying and promote parent-child attachment.

When picking the best baby carriers for dads, you can choose between wraps, slings, soft-structured carriers, and frame backpacks. Different carriers offer different holds, usually front-facing and/or with the baby carried in the back. Comfort is key, so make sure it’s comfortable, easy to adjust, and able to grow with your baby. If you need four adults and 20 minutes to get the straps fastened and your child positioned correctly, trust us, you’ll never use the thing. Here, then, are some of the best baby carriers for men.

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