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The Best Analog Alarm Clocks For Your Bedroom (That Aren’t Your Phone)

Sleep better and wake up like a champion with these low- and high-tech alarm clocks.

Using your cell phone as your morning alarm is like using your cell phone as your daily timepiece: it works, but it’s bush league. Besides not tempting you with Candy Crush or messing with your circadian rhythm, a dedicated alarm clock can help you wake up more rested. But shopping for the best alarm clock isn’t as simple as it seems; it involves a bunch of small decisions on price, features, size, and design that can be overwhelming.

Our analog alarm clock picks run the gamut from no-frills mechanical clocks to Bluetooth-enabled charging centers. They’re all high-quality models available at a range of price points, and they reflect the best of the different kinds of clocks available for purchase. They’re great for travel or your bedside table. Just remember, no matter which alarm clock you ultimately park on your nightstand, you’ll be upgrading your evening and morning routines from one centered around your phone.

Best Alarm Clocks

No, this alarm clock is not cheap. Yes, it's worth every penny. For the money, you get a light therapy lamp and natural sunrise alarm clock. This glorious alarm clock lets you drift off to sleep with its smart use of dimmable lights and sounds. And there's a colored sunrise simulator that wakes you gently, letting you choose between five wakeup sounds.

Consider this your personal sleep assistant. The new Lenovo smart clock works with Google Assistant. Yes, it wakes you up and lets you know when it's time to hit the sack. But it also reduces your nightly screentime, so you get better rest, and it runs your smart home routines. The Lenovo smart clock is your bedside aide. It helps you go to sleep, gets you up in the morning, and lets you manage your schedule, your music and everything else without ever leaving your bed.

You get the power of a JBL speaker, coupled with an alarm clock that has Bluetooth wireless streaming, two USB ports for charging, and lovely ambient light. This alarm clock charges your devices while you sleep, and has two independent alarms that let you to wake to the either an old-school buzzer or streaming music.

If you want an alarm clock that wakes you up, with no other bells or whistles, this LEFF beauty is the one for you. This stunner is retro in the best way possible. It has a simple analog design, but at night the fluorescent hands will become visible and the whole dial lights up by pushing the snooze button on top.

The Bluetooth-enabled Rest is a nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise hybrid controlled by your smartphone. The Hatch clock skips the clock in favor of a simple light and uses whatever color you choose to let you know when it's time to get up. It also offers preset light and sound themes to promote healthy circadian rhythms and melatonin production. On paper, it's meant for kids, but adults (like this one) swear by it.

You know that jarring feeling when you go from deep sleep to suddenly awake? This clock avoids that pitfall, because it starts with a soothing red-tinted light that gradually grows into white light. Not only does this alarm clock have sunset simulation, four alarms, seven different alarm sounds, and 20 brightness levels, but you can program a default time and target light intensity for sunrise simulation so you gradually rise and shine.

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