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This Connected Stacking Game Is Part Jenga, Part ‘The Sims,’ And Part Jurassic Park

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If you’ve learned anything from your phone, it’s that you can totally get your kids to play charades with you. If you add emojis. Now, you can get your kid to play Jenga with you, too. It’s just a slightly updated version that involves a tablet and dinosaurs, created by a freewheeling band of weirdos “who live in a vault under London’s Waterloo Bridge” (their words). Also, you need to help them get it Kickstarted.


The goal of Fabulous Beasts is for 1-to-4 players to build the most fantastical imaginary beast world imaginable on their tablet screen. To do that, they take turns scanning and stacking animal figures and other oddly shaped pieces on a wirelessly connected platform. Each new beast is born into the digital world, where they evolve, interact, transform and generally get crazier as the Noah’s Ark Jenga tower continues to rise.

To establish a new high score, players must learn how the different pieces affect each other in the digital world while improving their dexterity enough to balance a shark on top of a bear on top of some weird curvy things. When the tower collapses, it’s game over.


The prototype won the 2015 Indiecade Technology Award, but since a prototype is about as useful to you as a Parcheesi set, you’ll have to back the initial production run on Kickstarter to get your hands on one. Your alternative to building a digital universe by stacking animal figures until they fall down is the one old-school game that still delights today’s kids: “Watch Dad Fall Down.” Which would you rather play?

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