The Anki Overdrive Supertrucks Will Destroy All Of Your Kid’s Other Racing Games

What the truck?

by Dave Baldwin
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anki overdrive supertrucks

Anki, purveyors of insane battling robot race cars Anki Overdrive, have come out with new giant Supertrucks, toy cars you control with your smartphone. These computerized tractor-trailers are 3 times the size of the original cars and come in 2 models: The Freewheel and the X52. They also feature an exclusive new game mode called Takeover. As you once learned in Days Of Thunder, rubbin’ is racin’.

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Anki Overdrive is a combination of old-school slot car and modern video games, which stay on the track using built-in artificial intelligence while you (or your kid, whatever) steer via the smartphone app. Destroy your enemies with virtual Spy Hunter-esque weapons, like pulse rams and gravity traps, and watch the damage play out on the physical racetrack.

The trucks add an updated dimension to the game: Vehicles guided by rage. (They’re just like you commuting to “Bulls on Parade.”) As you race your kids around your living room Fury Road, the “rage meter” maxes out in the app. Once it gets full, hit the button and knock your whining opponent off the track. It’s great for your win/loss record; bad for the family cat. The Anki Overdrive Supertrucks start shipping in October but pre-order now. Your own rage meter may hit “max” if they sell out.

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