The Analogue Nt Mini Plays Over 2,000 Original Nintendo Games

Original cartridges and all.

by Dave Baldwin
analogue NT mini

It’s a straight-up embarrassment of riches for parents excited to introduce kids to the good old days of Nintendo video games. You’ve got a rebooted Zelda on the just-dropped Nintendo Switch. Or you can plug in Nintendo’s own retro Classic Mini. And you can even dig out that old NES console from your parents’ basement and blowing on the cartridges until you pass out. But, if you want a high-end system that can play over 2,000 titles and plugs seamlessly into that slick new Sony XBR-A1E Bravia hanging on your wall, there’s the new Analogue Nt mini.

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Now let’s be clear, you have to be reaaaaaaaally (really, really, really) into retro gaming to drop $450 on a console that plays games from the mid-80s. Everybody can agree on that, right? Still, there is truth to the old adage that you get what you pay for. In this case, it’s a lot:

  • The NES Classic only plays 30 preinstalled games. The Analogue Nt mini boasts 2 cartridge slots (one for original NES, one for imported Famicom cartridges from Japan) and is “compatible with every NES, Famicom, Famicom Disk System game and the accessories, too.” Then again, the Classic only costs $60 ⏤ you can decide if playing a fire-breathing Bible thumper in the Japanese-exclusive Devil World is worth the extra $390 (clearly, it is).
  • While your original console no longer plays well with modern TVs, the Analogue Nt mini works with both 1080p HDMI and RGB, not to mention component, s-video, and composite connections.
  • It sports 4 identical controller ports and 8Bitdo’s NES30 wireless controller (with a 20-hour battery life), which is big considering you’re still tethered to the NES Classic.
  • And finally, the Analogue Nt mini is handsomely crafted from a block of aluminum (in either black or classic) and features 48KHz 16-bit high-fidelity sound, so you can enjoy all the original 8-bit music and/or witty dialogue between Jack Black and John Cusack in the record store.

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