All The Best Grooming Essentials From Target Under $35

Trimmers, nail-care sets, teeth-whitening products, and more.

by Kate Marin and Jeff Bogle
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Taking great care of your body shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Thankfully, the best grooming essentials for men are available at Target — and you can snag them all for less than $35. This collection of must-have trimmers, hard-working lotions, energizing body washes, and luxurious foot care products truly feel way more decadent than they cost.

When you start to trim your beard right, style your hair with products that work, and treat your skin with care, you're going to notice a significant difference not only in your physical appearance but how you feel about yourself. What can we say? Self care is rad. Here are 14 grooming essentials to help you do it right, starting right now.

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