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Ordering Alcohol Online: The Best Whiskeys, Wines, and Beers to Buy Right Now

Want to grab a bottle but can't leave the house? We got you covered.

Want to buy some bottles of whiskey, wine or beer right now? We get it. While social distancing makes things a bit more complicated, online liquor stores are here to solve the problem by getting the best whiskey and wine directly to you. And to steal a phrase from Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds, business is a-boomin’ at numerous alcohol-delivery services.

So, if you’re looking to buy some bourbon, burgundy, or beer for the lockdown, here are some of our favorite bottles to put in your cart. Whether you want bourbon, scotch, a complex red wine, a cool white to sip on your patio, or a simple session beer, we’ve got you covered. Just please don’t forget to tip the delivery person. Handsomely.

The Best Whiskeys (And Whiskies) to Order Online

Glenmorangie Original is one of our go-to single malts. It’s a wickedly satisfying and affordable Highland whisky. Fruity, malty, and just plain delicious, it punches way above its price point.

Even in hard times, it’s important to treat yourself a little. One of our favorite indulgences is a bottle of GlenDronach 15. Soft and rich, with notes full of wood, leather, tobacco, it’s happiness in a glass.

For those of us who have ramped up production of Manhattans for cocktail hour, a big bottle of Bulleit Rye is clutch. Rye spice plays off the caramel and toffee sweetness while a pop of clove adds a bit of depth.

In our age of social distancing, this year’s St. Patrick’s Day fell a bit flat. But you can still bring a smile to Irish eyes with a bottle of The Sexton Single Malt. Triple distilled and aged in Oloroso Sherry casks for four years, this affordable whiskey is chalked full of pleasant notes of dried fruit, apricots, honey and lemon.

If you need something smoky to sip on, grab a bottle of Ardbeg Corryveckan. Through a supple layer of smoke lies a complex dram with rich sherry notes, dark fruit, and pepper with a slow, lingering finish that lasts well into the next glass.

Teeling’s Single Malt expression is one of our favorite Irish whiskies. The brand takes juice aged in ex-bourbon casks and finishes it in a quintet of different types of wine barrels – sherry, port, cabernet, white Burgundy and Madeira. The resulting dram is soft, rich, and fruity. With every sip you can try to suss out the influence of each of the barrels used in the aging process.

If we are being honest, the entirety of the Kavalan line is worth adding to your stash. But recently, we’ve been enjoying their Distillery Select expression. Rich with luscious ripe fruit, honey and toffee plus a floral note that makes for a truly dynamic highball, this Kavalan is high up on our shopping list.

It’s a yummy mouthful with spicy, peppery notes playing off a deeply satisfying caramel sweetness. And since it’s a cask strength 110 proof, it’s perfect for shaking off significant amounts of stress.

The Best Bourbons to Order Online

Smooth and balanced, this Kentucky bourbon has notes of grain and wood, with touches of spices and florals. It's a great sipping bourbon, with flawlessly balanced flavors.

The first bourbon to be made in New York since Prohibition, this one has notes of vanilla and caramel. It's easy on the palate and the wallet. Throw it on the rocks, and enjoy one great happy hour.

Wild Turkey 101 gives you tremendous bang for your buck. Not only is it an exceptionally versatile bourbon, but it also comes in a large format 1.75 liter bottle for under $45. Sweet notes of vanilla and caramel play off the oak and char for balance; a pinch of mint on the finish adding another layer of depth.

The Best Wines to Order Online

A light, dry white from Loire, France, this one pairs wonderfully with chicken or fish.

An eminently drinkable full-bodied red wine from Spain, with notes of crushed berries and black tea. Made from a mix of grapes from a handful of villages in Priorat, a bright, young red for every gathering around the backyard grill or pizza oven this summer.

An elevated table wine, this red manages to be both floral and spicy.

This sustainable wine is rich in every sense of the world. It's slightly floral, with hits of fresh fruit, and just a tad spicy for a nicely savory finish.

A lovely, crisp, refreshing wine that perfectly blends hits of lemon and peach with ginger and just a touch of smokiness.

From its fleshy flavor to its hints of wood to its very rich finish, this is one hell of a chardonnay.

Can't decide? Let the pros do the work for you. Answer six questions to build your palate profile and get curated wines delivered to you. The price varies on the wines you get. You enter your zip code first to make sure Winc can deliver to your specific address/locale.

6 Great Beers to Order Online

From Chicago brewery Half Acre, an American pale ale that strikes the perfect balance between being citrus-bright and bone dry. A super refreshing but pleasantly complex beer that works with everything but is perfect on its own all summer long.

You needn’t be Irish to find comfort in a pint of Guinness. There’s something about a perfect pour - a creamy head crowning St. James Gate’s sweet black nectar - that can lift your spirits no matter how rotten the day.

At 4.7% APV Founders All Day IPA is a nice way for hop-heads and other beer drinkers to enjoy a few cans and still get a nice dose of hoppy bitterness play off a citrus fruity sweetness.

A crisp German-style pilsner, the Victory Prima Pils pairs with nearly anything thanks to its lovely balanced flavors of citrus and spice. We love it with dinner whether you’ve fired up an indulgent burger or are just shame eating your kids’ Mac and cheese over the sink.

Fruity and malty Bell’s Two Hearted Ale is super-drinkable for a 7% beer. A Centennial hop IPA, this brew is definitely for hop lovers, but the bitterness is mild and we think the stunning floral aroma is one most beer drinkers will enjoy.

Bright, crisp, and floral, with a clean, bitter finish, Brooklyn serves up a refreshingly true summer ale for the backyard this summer.