The Albeddo100 Reflective Paint Helps Your Kids Glow In the Dark

It sprays on clear, but glows in the dark to make them — and their clothing — more visible during late night summer fun.

by James Wohr
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albedo 100 reflective spray paint

It’s summer, which means your kids will undoubtedly be out more at night. There will be more after-dinner bike rides, more walks home from friends’ houses, more epic games of manhunt around the neighborhood. And while this expansiveness is exactly the type of summer freedom kids should enjoy, it makes parents worry about late night precautionary measures. Sure, you could cocoon your kid and their gear in reflective tape, but that’s not really a good look — for you or them. Thankfully, Swiss-American inventors Albeddo created the Albeddo100 paint, a reflective spray paint that invisibly coats animals, people, and stuff, and glows brightly when struck by lights.

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Originally used to save reindeer from becoming roadkill, the paint has since been adapted to use on people and inanimate objects. Albeddo100 is non-toxic, safe on skin, and comes in three varieties, each of which can be washed or scrubbed out of clothes with ease. The paint can be sprayed on bikes, backpacks, clothes, walls, — even the dog. anyone wearing a sprayed item has an extra layer of visibility without much embarrassment. Aside from safety uses, the paint is actually pretty versatile when you think about it. You can also, say, spray toys and hide them around the yard for an intense glow-in-the-dark scavenger hunt, or write a secret message, Ghostwriter-style, and have your kids use flashlights to find it.

The Albeddo100 paint costs $18 which, considering the versatility, ain’t half bad. Just be sure to wipe your kids down before they play late night hide ‘n seek. Visibility isn’t always an advantage.

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