These Giant R/C Fish Turn Your House Into An Aquarium

Think of the possibilities.

by Dave Baldwin
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air swimmers

Give a kid a giant helium balloon shaped like a fish, and inevitably they’ll get it stuck in a tree. Give a kid a remote-controlled giant helium balloon shaped like a fish, however, and you’ll teach them a skill for life — namely, how to have an awesome time steering a giant fish through the air. You never know when that will come in handy.

Air Swimmers (naturally) are large helium balloons dressed up like Great Whites, Bass, and Clownfish. All are made of heavy-duty nylon and measure about five feet long. They’re controlled via an infrared remote and can swim up, down, and even make 360-degree turns. Thanks to something the company calls “lifelike swimming motion,” they’ll look pretty damn real in the process.

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That said, the creatures are designed for indoor use only and have a range of about 40ft. ⏤ which means if you’re flying the shark, you’re going to need a bigger living room.

AirSwimmers stay puffed for several weeks at a time but, much like the ego of a small town football star, eventually deflate. You can refill them with a helium tank, but you’ll likely get tired of the fish randomly floating in front of the TV before that happens.

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