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A Well-Intended Doll That’s Just Wrong. Horribly Wrong



So there’s this doll the MamAmor, right? And it’s supposed to “give birth” to another doll, complete with, yes, a doll-like placenta. The “babies” have a snap for a

mouth, which attach to the mom doll’s chest. The dolls have been a way for one woman, a doula, to “express passion for birth, breastfeeding and attachment”.The whole thing is just completely weird.

Fatherly IQ
  1. When selecting games to play with your child, the most important criteria is:
    It's fun. You'll laugh together
    It teaches kids how to follow rules
    It teaches hard skills like counting, matching, reading
    It teaches softer skills like empathy, cooperation, listening
    It brings the kid in on a family tradition
    None of the above
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