A Brief History Of The Iconic Rubber Duckie

From appearances in the Guinness Book Of World Records to being Number 16 on the pop charts, the Rubber Duckie has squeaked around.

by Fatherly
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rubber duckie

There is a Guinness Book Of World Records holder for the largest collection of rubber duckies, and it’s a Seattle woman named Charlotte Lee, who claims nearly 6,000 of the little buggers. While the toy itself dates back to the turn of the last century, its importance was inflated in 1969, when Ernie, of Sesame Street fame, sang his classic ode to the floating squeaky toy. Despite being written for a kid’s TV show, the song made it as high as number 16 on the pop charts, proving that “annoying” is often the most important element in any pop song. Today, rubber duckies the world over continue to serve their owners by distracting screaming children from the fact that they’re screaming in the first place. You really are the one, Rubber Duckie.

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