8 Strange But Surprisingly Effective Pieces Of Home Fitness Equipment

A medieval weapon repurposed for fitness is way more interesting (and fun) than plain old dumbbells.

by Billy Brown and Jon Gugala
A man using a medieval weapon repurposed for fitness by swinging it behind his back

Dumbbells get boring after a while. It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to stocking your home gym. This gear might look weird, but it’ll get you fit. And you might even have a good time doing it.

5.11 Tactical
PT-R Weight Kit 100

No weights? No problem. This extremely durable nylon bag can hold up to 100 pounds of sand, and each has got handles on every side so you can bang out a heavy full-body workout in your backyard. Plus, the two 50-pound liner bags have handles so they can be used separately.