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9 Car Seat Concepts That Seemed Really Great At The Time But Are Actually Terrifying By Modern Standards

Volvo’s new inflatable safety seat concept — which blows up in 40 seconds and can fit into a backpack when not in use — might represent a new high point in an industry that saw its first real advancements in 1962, when unbeknownst to each other Britain’s Jean Ames and America’s Len Rivkin simultaneously invented two different though equally effective models. But unfortunately for babies, child car seats haven’t always been so thoughtful; in fact, some of been downright scary. Here are some of our (least) favorites:

1. Early models focused on giving the baby a better view in the hopes of keeping it quiet. Because that’s what staring at Kansas does, keeps you quiet

2. Even more effective in this regard was “The Romney Method”

3. Dissatisfied with industry advancements, consumers generated their own innovations. This kid was clearly impressed

4. The freestyle method allowed babies to leisurely roam across the backseat or in a bassinet

5. Or lay flat-backed with a single strap

6. Billed as the “perfect baby present”, this version allowed babies to stand erect throughout the journey

7. Introducing “the lawn chair” of child safety

8. The steering wheel helps distract from the imminent cutting potential in this baby “scissor chair”

9. It’s not a baby cage, it’s a baby mezzanine viewing gallery

Terrified? Then check out that new Volvo concept and imagine how wrong-headed this may seem in 30 years.

Volvo Inflatable Child Seat Concept

[youtube expand=1]