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6 Luxury TVs That Are Worth Every Penny

Stunning screens that articulate, unfurl, and look incredible even when powered off.

by Scott Tharler
N1 / Samsung / Bang & Olufsen / Fatherly

Why must your TV be ugly? With the boring flat black plastic sets on display in most living rooms, you’d think that it’s impossible to marry form and function in a home television. You can — and you’re going to wonder why you didn’t make the upgrade sooner. After all, the average American spends hours watching every day. Why not spend this time in front of a technologically advanced, aesthetically-pleasing piece of gear? These six luxury televisions, with detailed accenting, shape-shifting features, and flexible screens, will make a living room proud.

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C Seed

No bones about it, the N1 is arguably the most visually compelling one on this list. In fact, at first you might not even realize it’s a TV. Only after watching it majestically rise up from the ground, when its 4K MicroLED displays unfold, do you get the sense that you’re witnessing a multiple big screen TV come to life. Needless to say, given its commanding 103-, 137- and 165-inch options, but this HDR10+ display with built-in twin 100-watt speakers offers quite the immersive experience.