7 Shops With Thoughtful Gifts For All The Moms In Your Life

Can't-miss advice on where to buy the perfect Mother's Day gift.

by Fatherly
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A dad high-fiving his daughter

You know more about the wives, moms, and mother-in-laws in your life than any other women on the planet, so you don’t need to be told what to buy them.

But one of the reasons you love them is they don’t make you go shopping with them, which means you might know the perfect Mother’s Day gift but not where to buy it. To that end, here are 7 carefully curated collections we’ve identified for all kinds of moms.


1. Accompany

On Offer: An eclectic mix of clothes and accessories that skew toward the hand-made and one-of-a-kind.

Do They Have A Mother’s Day Selection? Yes

Shop Here If: She (or you) likes to apply “fair trade” to more than just coffee. Everything Accompany sells is categorized as Artisanal, Fair Trade, or Philanthropic – often nebulous terms that Accompany clarifies on each product page by explaining how it is sourced and manufactured, and where your money goes when you buy it.

Buy Now $(Price Varies)

2. Mouth

On Offer: Locally-sourced, small batch foods that you’ll buy for her and then eat more of than she does, like chocolate-covered espresso shortbread by a Brazilian food activist or salami by one of the only USDA-approved salumerias in the country.

Do They Have A Mother’s Day Selection? Yes

Shop Here If: She laughed during that “Portlandia” skit about where the restaurant chicken came from, but she was laughing with it and not at it.

Buy Now $(Price Varies)

3. Shen

On Offer: Skin care, bath products, make up, hair care, and perfumes from all over the world, many of which are unavailable anywhere else in the U.S.

Do They Have A Mother’s Day Selection? No, but we recommend the Bath and Body section, unless you understand the hieroglyphics of her makeup drawer.

Shop Here If: She has more bottles of moisturizer than socks, and a separate collection of shampoos and conditioners that she only uses on “special” nights.

Buy Now $(Price Varies)

4. Sprout

On Offer: An unusual collection of gardening supplies, plant and flower seeds, and terrariums.

Do They Have A Mother’s Day Selection? No, but start here.

Shop Here If: She can take any patch of dirt, no matter how small or large, and transform it into something that looks like dinosaurs might be nesting there.

Buy Now $(Price Varies)

5. Branch

On Offer: Kitchen supplies, bath and bedding products, and furniture that all conform to Branch’s sustainability standards in materials and manufacturing.

Do They Have A Mother’s Day Selection? No, but start here.

Shop Here If: She’s only halfway through her campaign to improve your home’s Ikea-to-Non-Ikea product ratio.

Buy Now $(Price Varies)


6. Powell’s Books

On Offer: A simple, streamlined guide to Powell’s massive library, broken down by four types of reader.

Do They Have A Mother’s Day Selection? Yes

Shop Here If: If you know that she reads, but not what she reads, and you’d like to avoid falling down an Amazon rabbit hole. Unlike its fellow online behemoth, Powell’s still deals strictly in books and it shows in the careful curation of titles.

Buy Now $(Price Varies)

7. The Bouqs Co.

On Offer: Simple, tasteful flower bouquets with zero cheese factor, all priced at $40 dollars with free shipping and no cheap stuffed animals.

Do They Have A Mother’s Day Selection? The whole thing is a Mother’s Day selection.

Shop Here If: You think most online flower arrangements look like a Hallmark card vomited in a vase and your mom just really likes purple irises. They even have a concierge service that you can setup and then forget Mother’s Day next year with no consequences.

If, after all that, you’re still searching for the right gift, contact a trained professional — like HD Flatbeats here. Send him a name, a message, and five dollars and let the man go to work.

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