7 Great Coffee Storage Containers For Keeping Your Beans Fresh

If you buy good beans, you'll want to store them right.

by Hudson Lindenberger
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Great coffee requires great coffee beans. And if you’re shelling out $14 a pound on coffee beans, you also need to spend a little on proper storage containers. Otherwise, your Kenya AA — and the resulting brew you’re drinking — won’t be as fresh. “You need to choose a container based on where in your kitchen you will stash your beans,” says Bailey Arnold, Director of Education at Gregory’s Coffee and Content Development Committee Vice Chair of the Barista Guild of America. “But most important is ensuring that your container is airtight.”

If you’re keeping your beans on the counter, then you need something opaque to block the light. If you keep them inside a cabinet, then you can go for something more ornate. No matter what, you need something that’s tightly sealed. Keeping this in mind, here are seven coffee storage containers, all of which Arnold recommends to keep your beans safe and that first cup of coffee in the morning delicious.

Fish Eddy Storage Bowl

Perfect for a tight quarters where light isn’t an issue, this affordable glass bowl holds a small bag of coffee neatly inside.“This basic container will work great for keeping your coffee fresh if it’s stored inside a cabinet of pantry,” says Arnold. “It seals well, is restaurant quality, and fits in tight spots.”

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Bodum Classic Storage Jar

“This ornate container from industry leader Bodum looks great, seals tight, and offers you a classier look when storing coffee inside your cabinet,” says Arnold, adding that the front of the jar can be written on with marker to identify the contents. The jar is shatterproof, has a steel top with an air-tight silicone seal, and is large enough to store more than a pound of beans.

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Crate & Barrel Mason Rustic Kitchen Canisters

Want to place your coffee out on the counter? Arnold loves these sturdy glazed ceramic containers. “These look great and work well for people who like to keep their coffee stored inside the bag in came in to remember the roast date and country of origin,” she says. “They don’t seal perfectly airtight, but as long as you re-roll the bag and seal it between uses it will be fine.”

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West Elm Textured Kitchen Canisters

Per Arnold, this is another great option for people who like to keep their coffee inside the bags it came in. Made from stoneware, they naturally filter out humidity and moisture, come in a variety of sizes, and have a leather and wood lid that makes for a nearly air tight seal.

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The Container Store Set of Brushed Stainless Steel Canisters

This set of three stainless steel containers block light and employ the classic hook-and-latch system for an air-tight seal. “Super simple and very effective, these containers will work in any condition you put then in,” says Arnold. “They seal super tight, block the light, and are sturdy.”

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Crate & Barrel Clark Matte Black Canisters

High-design for a not-so-high price, these canisters do their job well and look good doing it. “Super sleek, these steel canister come in two sizes and will keep your beans fresh, the light out, and would look gorgeous in any kitchen,” says Arnold.

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Le Creuset Storage Canister

A personal favorite of Arnold’s, these stoneware containers come in a variety of colors, can take a beating, and seal up tightly. Available in a variety of sizes, they are dishwasher-friendy and, when bought in a group, stack nicely to maximize space.

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