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The 7 Grill Tools to Use This Barbecue Season

Meat thermometers. A better than ever basting brush. Gloves that are damn near indestructible. This is how you step-up your grilling game.

Good grilling requires the right grill — and the right grilling tools. We’re talking tongs that can tug on a rack of baby backs and not cut into them or slip, gloves that can protect your hands when you reach in to sauce that pork butt, and a meat thermometer that gives you the most accurate readout to ensure you, well, don’t accidentally poison your barbecue guests. Good grilling requires steady heat, time, and not much else. But these seven grill tools can help bring your grilling game to the next level.

Sure, it's a bit pricey. But can you put a price on making sure your family doesn't get trichinosis from underdone pork? The Thermoworks Thermopen probe meat thermometer, is incredibly accurate, fast — it gets a read-out in about three seconds— and stripped down the bare essentials. Nothing fancy about it: Just a smart, water-proof flip-out probe with a backlit screen and 3,000 hour battery life that provides a trustworthy rating.

Want a thermometer that's a little bit more tech-forward and doesn't require that you have to lift the lid to get a temperature? Try the Meater. Fit the metal probes into your proteins and they'll beam accurate temperature information directly to your phone.

Cooking fish? You need this spatula, the tapered, duck-foot-like form of which, is meant to cradle delicate fish. It's also a good all-around tool, with a sharp edge that easily slides under any kind of meat.

A proper pair of tongs is a must-have for anyone trying to make decent barbecue, and these offer a little bonus in their scalloped silicone heads. Silicone can really grip meat, and these grill tools are heat resistant up to 480 degrees. They’re easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and have a handy locking mechanism for simple storage. Oh, and there’s two of them in a package: 9-inches and a 12-inches.

A clean grill is the only grill to cook on. The stainless steel woven bristles of this 18-inch long grill brush are hearty enough to pull up all the gristle and hardened sauce that populate those grill grates.

Heat resistance to 600 degrees F is certainly a plus. But the real reason to buy this basting brush is the tiny silicone circles in the center of the bristles. They make it easier to transport sauce from bowl to grill without losing precious drops. Another bonus: the silicone bristles don't fray or shed over your food. The 14 inch brush is long enough to paint sauce on even the most aggressive of cuts.

Whether you're basting a pork butt or tugging a rack of ribs to a different heat zone, a good pair of grilling gloves keeps your hands — and forearms — protected from the hear. This monster pair from Spitjack have five layers of protection that make them feel damn near indestructible. We say feel because no gloves are fire proof. But with these, you can pretty much pick up a hot coal for a second to move it around and not feel the burn.