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The 7 Best Grill Tools For BBQ & Cookouts

Get your grill game right with this essential gear.

A dad needs to be able to feed his family. It’s one of your prime duties. But instead of getting home after a long day and plunking some spaghetti into a barely-washed bowl, you should be feeding your family right, treating them to meat you’ve made yourself with patience, some pizzazz, grill tools, and your own two hands. In other words, your family deserves a good, old-fashioned barbecue.

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Which is why we combed through the evidence to find the best grill tool sets on the market. Everything you need is right here (except, of course, the butcher’s portion).

Char-Griller Trio Grill

Let’s start with the basics: a grill you can call your own. As long as you don’t need the most portable grill, this grill tool offers a gas setup on the right, charcoal in the center, and a smoker on the left in an attached firebox—so whatever your preference (or if you want to change your preference up) you’re good to go. It offers an epic 1,260 square inches of grilling space, so you’re ready for dinner with the kids or the neighborhood party. Included in the package are dual stacks for even heating on each surface, plus two external thermometers. Get ready to make some seriously good food.

Buy Now $575

ThermoPro Wireless Remote Thermometer

ThermoPro Wireless Remote Thermometer -- grill tools

Now that’s how you make sure your meat is the right temperature. We all know that constantly checking the temperature of the goods can be a pain—so this thermometer goes where you do. Whether you’re chasing your kids around the backyard or taking a much-needed respite with the adults, your meat will be monitored up to 300 feet away from the grill. It even comes with recommended temperatures pre-loaded, based on USDA guidelines. Night party? Don’t worry. The large LCD display is backlit too.

Buy Now $60

PolyScience Smoking Gun Infuser

PolyScience Smoking Gun Infuser -- grill tools

Don’t call it a toy — and it’s definitely not kid-friendly. The Smoking Gun is a grill tool for infusing a robust wood smoke taste into chicken, steak, seafood, or even into a cocktail. It’s what you need when you’re in a rush and crave that wood smoke flavor. It smokes just about anything in less than five minutes, and even has a cold smoking setting to add a touch of taste to any dish. Just remember to take a break every once in a while—the flavor and the ease of use can be damn addicting.

Buy Now $149

Victorinox Fish Turner

Victorinox Fish Turner -- grill tools

A grillmaster is nothing without a great spatula. This one from Victorinox—a company known for their excellent steel—is perfect for whatever meal you throw its way. The edge is sharp, easily sliding under any kind of meat, and the four-inch-wide head will fully flip, cook, and serve even the slimiest fish. And with a stainless-steel head and a wood handle, it sure is easy on the eyes.

Buy Now $32


DECULO Tongs -- grill tools

A proper pair of tongs is a must-have for anyone trying to make decent barbecue, and these offer a little bonus in their scalloped silicone heads. Silicone can really grip meat, and these grill tools are heat resistant up to 480 degrees. They’re easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and have a handy locking mechanism for simple storage. Oh, and there’s two of them in a package: 9-inches and a 12-inches.

Buy Now $14

1byhome Grill Brush

1byhome Grill Brush -- grill tools

Grills can get pretty dirty pretty quickly. A solid grill brush, like this one from 1byhome, offers stainless steel woven bristles that let you scrape and scrub your grill clean of muck. The grill tool is 18-inches long, and has a flat surface on the head that lets you scrape up even the most resilient char. It’s a durable, effective, and handy brush that can reach further across the grill than the competition.

Buy Now $15

Wuudi Meat Claws

Wuudi Meat Claws -- grill tools

Shred pulled pork, beef, or chicken with this pair of stylish, dependable meat claws. Made from chemical-free stainless steel and outfitted with wooden handles (to keep your grip not-too-hot), these claws easily carry everything from a Thanksgiving turkey to the catfish your kids caught in the backyard.

Buy Now $17