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50 Grills, Toys, & Sprinklers That No Backyard Should Be Without

These 50 items will enhance your backyard and help you create some gnarly warm weather memories with your family.

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The backyard is the base camp of summer, a place where you and the family can set up shop and cook out, learn new skills, screw around, and just enjoy all the spoils of the season. Like any base camp, it’s best when it has the right gear. That’s why we put together this hand-selected list of products. On it you’ll find everything from great new grills and rugged coolers to inflatable sprinklers and water guns. We guarantee you’ll find something that will spark a great summer idea or help you conjure some warm weather memories. After all, you never know what fun ideas you’ll get when using a giant inflatable bowling set or a backyard pizza oven. And that’s what summer is all about: creating moments you’ll remember long after the heat has gone.