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7 Ways To Give Your Workout Routine A Boost

Nobody — and no body — wants to do the same workout every day.

by Kristen Mae

Let’s Get Cooking


5 Great Port Wines To Enjoy This Holiday Season (Or Whenever)

ByStinson Carter

It’s the perfect time to get on board with this British and Portuguese fortified wine, which also happens to make a great holiday gift.

Dad Jokes

55 Funny Food Jokes And Puns That Kids Will Relish

ByAnna Tingley

You may not be able to get your kid to eat their greens, but you may be able to get a laugh out of them at the dinner table.


The Best Brandy For Bourbon Lovers, Cocktails Fans, And Winter Sipping

ByStinson Carter

Brandy is a broad, nuanced category of spirits worth exploring — especially in the colder months. These are some excellent bottles to know.

Spirited Adventures

Batch 22 Aquavit Is A Celebratory Spirit To Seek Out

ByErik Trinidad

A spin on aquavit, Batch 22 tweaks the spirit for American palates — with great success.

Mix It Up

9 Must-Try Moscow Mule Variations To Whip Up

ByErik Trinidad

From spicier twists to smokier reinterpretations, these riffs on the classic cocktail are worth remembering.


20 Restaurants Where Kids Eat For Free

ByEmily Kelleher

Because why not score a free mini-quesadilla or plateful of chicken fingers for the kids while you still can?

Dad Special

How A Michelin-Starred Chef Makes Roast Chicken For His Daughter

ByMike Diago

Acclaimed Puerto Rican chef Juan José Cuevas keeps things simple at home with this ultra-comforting meal.


8 Great Non-Alcoholic Gins, Whiskeys, & More To Try

ByStinson Carter

There's never been a better time to explore the growing ranks of non-alcoholic spirits.

Mix It Up

9 Negroni Variations That You Need To Try

ByErik Trinidad

These riffs on the classic cocktail deserve your attention.


The Best Gin For Your Gin & Tonic (And Any Other Gin Drink You’re Making)

ByStinson Carter

And if you prefer a martini or a citrusy gin cocktail? Here are the best bottles for them, too.

Spirited Adventures

Kasama Is A Small Batch Filipino Rum With Big Flavor

ByErik Trinidad

Thanks to its use of Noble sugarcane, the golden rum from the Philippines has a unique flavor that makes it a worthy addition to your home bar.

Dinner Time

“Dude Food” Has Gone Too Far And It’s Hurting Families

ByHeather Marcoux

It's masculinity in a meal, and it's teaching your kids harmful stereotypes.

The Dad Special

This Mole Chicken Enchiladas Recipe Is Sure To Become A Family Favorite

ByMike Diago

Chef Oscar Padilla’s recipe is time-consuming, but boy is the end result worth it.

Mix It Up

How To Take Your Bourbon Smash To The Next Level

ByErik Trinidad

The combination of lemon, mint, syrup, and bourbon is a classic. It’s also ripe for reinterpretation. Here are six excellent variations to try.

High Class Glasses

The Best Highball Glasses For Your Home Bar

ByStinson Carter

A highball is a simple drink, but it deserves a not-so-simple vessel.


How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

ByJulia Savacool

For all the hype that floods your inbox and Instagram, it turns out you may need less of this stuff than you think.