This 90-Minute ‘Push Playlist’ Is All The Songs You Need To Play During Your Kid’s Birth

Salt-N-Pepa optional.

by [email protected]
A woman holding headphones on her pregnant belly
flickr / ~zipporah~

New parents, especially first-timers, tend to obsessively plan every detail of their kid’s birth. But one thing you might have forgotten to consider is delivery room tunes. Birthing music, or “push playlists” as they’re known, would be totally reasonable to forget — you have slightly bigger things to consider — but you ought to give it some thought. A familiar, favorite tune can really take the edge off. Or, at the very least, it’ll drown out whatever help you’re trying to provide (because you’re definitely not helping).

Before you ask, yes, this is absolutely a thing. Everyone from the Snapchat King to actual royals are soundtracking their kids’ births with the sweet, soothing songs you’d expect: festive, celebratory jams, totally inappropriate choices, and, of course, their own tunes. It’s such a trend that Spotify saw fit to enlist a New York City OB-GYN to build them an official “Birthing Playlist.” The list below pulls together the best of the above, plus a few choice tracks from some of Fatherly’s favorite Family Albums like Ziggy Marley, MICK, Ben Harper, and Zakk Wylde. Just make sure you turn on “Repeat.” The last thing you want is for your carefully selected tunes to end and your sexy R&B slow jams to kick on. And if you think that sounds ridiculous, consider this: you’re about to make a push playlist. Normal rules no longer apply.