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These Are The Best Christmas Movies on Netflix Right Now

From old classics to newer favorites, here’s the best Christmas cheer on Netflix right now.

by Tess Gionet
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Almost every family needs a little extra holiday cheer. Figuring out the best Netflix Christmas movies is one part of that equation. What we all want is the movie equivalent of instant cocoa: rich and ready entertainment sweet enough to deliver that Saint Nick fix we so desperately crave. So I slipped on my slippers, turned on Netflix, and dug in to find only the movies truly worth watching.

Go grab a bag of mini marshmallows and settle into your pillow fort to watch, what we think are the best Christmas movies streaming on Netflix right now.

The Christmas Chronicles 2


I only knew of Belsnickel, the curmudgeonly cousin of Santa, from an old episode of The Office. I was delighted to learn more about him in this year’s sequel to The Christmas Chronicles. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Claus (Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn) are real-life partners, which adds extra charm to their scenes.

The Christmas Chronicles


Make it a double feature and watch this 2018 Christmas hit first. Two kids set out to catch Santa on videotape, and end up caught in a whirlwind adventure to save Christmas.

Angela’s Christmas Wish


I was pleasantly surprised to learn this film (and its prequel, Angela’s Christmas) was based on Frank McCourt’s Pulitzer-prize-winning memoir, Angela’s Ashes. With lovely animation and a meaningful message, this short movie is well worth a watch.

Jingle Jangle


Fatherly already waxed poetic about this movie before, and we’ll do it again: this is the best holiday movie of 2020! Hands down! Need another reason to watch? The score’s by John Legend.

Alien Xmas


In Alien Xmas, a race of aliens called the Klepts set out to steal gravity, and therefore rob the earth of all our stuff…aka a fitting last chapter of 2020. If you get nostalgic for the stop motion style of the 60’s classic Rudolph, Alien Xmas will give you a modern fix.



This film from last year was nominated for an academy award, and for good reason; it’s a beautiful, original spin on how an everyday man named Klaus came to be the Santa we all know and love. A must-see.

Trolls Holiday


“Your life is bland right now but that’s ok. Prepare your minds to get blown away!” sings one of the trolls in this movie. Trolls Holiday didn’t quite blow away me or my kid, but it was fun, colorful, and mercifully short.

White Christmas

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Put this on in the background while the kids build an addition to the pillow fort. Though they might not watch ’til the end (it’s over two hours long), the dance scenes will captivate them and the music will fill your home with that classic Christmas feel.

A Trash Truck Christmas


We covered this already in our Best 2020 Christmas Episodes from Toddler Shows roundup, but it’s worth another mention. I loved the detail they put into the animation, and my kid loved the storyline and funny animal friends.

Great British Baking Show Holidays (Seasons 1-3)

BBC Studios

My kid might be an outsider here, but she’ll happily sit down next to me to watch a tv show devoted to all things sugar-spun and outrageously delicious. Great British Baking Show Holidays is pure comfort for these final days of a stressful year.

The Knight Before Christmas


A medieval knight ends up in present-day Ohio and falls for a love-averse teacher, played by Vanessa Hudgens. It’s A Knight’s Tale meets Kate & Leopold, and a solid choice for those families with slightly older kids.

Elf Pets: A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale


I tolerated this one, but my 3-year-old couldn’t get enough– she loved the sleigh bell-laden soundtrack and magical northern lights. Take comfort in knowing it’s less than half an hour long.

A Storybot Christmas


If you can get past the squeaky voices, you’ll be pleased with this Christmas short. Little Bo is dismayed when she thinks her presents aren’t good enough for her friends, which spoke to the mom in me who is still anxiously trying to pick out the perfect presents for my kid’s teachers.

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