Child Development

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Grief and Loss

The Death Of A Parent Affects Even Grown Children Psychologically And Physically

ByJoshua A. Krisch

Grief is both real and measurable. Scientists now know that losing a parent changes us forever.

Child development

5 Weird Facts About Babies That Freak Out New Parents

ByLauren Vinopal

They might cry without tears and have extra bones, but you love your baby anyway.

Scare Time!

The Developmental Reason Kids Love It When Parents Play Monster

ByLexi Krupp

Your kid wants you to "play monsters" and (pretend to) scare the crap out of them all day every day. But why?

Good Eats

When Can Babies Eat Eggs? A Pediatrician Explains

BySara Novak

Although rare, be ready for an allergic reaction.

Child Development

When Can You Pierce A Baby’s Ears?

ByPatrick A. Coleman

There are some ground rules to baby ear piecing, but for the most part it’s totally safe.


3 Factors That Decidedly Do Not Cause Autism

ByRachel Crowell

Autism rates are increasing. Experts are scrambling to entirely understand why. What they do know so far is what doesn’t cause autism.


The Best Gifts For 2-Year-Olds, According to Child Development Experts

ByDonna Freydkin

These toys will help them develop independence, be creative, and make sense of the world.


How To Tell If A Child’s Body Odor Is Cause For Concern

ByAndy Kryza

Kids are naturally stinky, but there are some cases where an early funk might be a cause for parental concern.

Child Development

When Do Babies Wave For The First Time?

ByIsobel Whitcomb

The simple gesture is a language milestone.

Trans Kids

Five Myths About Puberty Blockers For Trans Kids, Debunked

ByGreg Small

This common treatment isn’t controversial among medical professionals. Here, from the experts, are the facts about puberty blockers.

Child Development

Toddler Walking On Their Toes? Don’t Be Alarmed — Yet

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Toe walking can be a sign of neurological issues, but more likely it will resolve itself.

Baby Workouts

4 Baby Exercises That Help Infants Build Strength Safely

ByLee Murray

Newborns aren’t really known for their raw, explosive power. But when they hit six months, it’s time for baby exercises so they can have better motor development.


The 11 Long-Term Benefits Of Discipline For Kids

ByLauren Steele

Discipline is a foundation for understanding consequences, making behavioral decisions, and establishing lasting personality traits.

Child Development

Video Games Hurt Grades, But Not Enough To Matter, Research Reveals

ByLauren Vinopal

Gaming might be one thing parents can stop worrying about, scientists say.

Child Development

When Do Babies Start Dreaming? Most Likely In The Womb

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Science can’t determine what images a baby’s brain conjures during sleep and the babies aren’t talking.


An Autism Meltdown Is Nothing Like a Temper Tantrum — Here’s Why

BySuzie Glassman

You definitely shouldn't react to them the same way.