Child Development

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Child Development

One More (Huge) Reason Not To Give Your Baby Screen Time

ByTyler Santora

The more screen time a 1-year-old gets, the greater their risk of this.

Mental Health

Social Media Doesn't Make Kids Depressed, Study Shows

ByTyler Santora

A new study contradicts previous research on youth mental illness and social media use. But there’s a good reason to believe this one is right.

Child Development

Why You Don't Need To Worry If Your Kid Fails The Marshmallow Test

ByHaley Weiss

Succumbing to temptation once doesn’t mean they always will.


Kindergarten Redshirting: The Complicated World Of Holding Preschoolers Back

ByLizzy Francis

The practice of redshirting is increasingly common. Whether it really helps kids isn't completely clear.

Ready, Set, Learn

The Skills A Child Really Needs Before Starting Kindergarten

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Forget the ABC song and counting to 100 for no reason; a kid needs context before Kindergarten.


When Should You Tell Your Kid About Their Autism? As Soon As Possible.

ByRachel Crowell

The earlier a child finds out about their autism, the better their quality of life.

Child Development

The Five Stages Of Self-Awareness Explain When Babies Recognize Themselves In The Mirror

ByJoshua A. Krisch

The last stage occurs much later than you would think.

Child Safety

What Are ISR Swim Lessons — And Are “Self-Rescue” Swim Classes For Kids Safe?

ByEmily Kelleher

Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) lessons teach kids as young as 6 months how to float should they end up in the water by accident.

Family Matters

The Worst Age For Divorce For Children Is Older Than You Might Think

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Babies and teens may be able to weather a divorce, but elementary school children need special care when the family breaks down.


Rushing These 6 Baby Milestones Is A Complete Waste Of Time

BySofia Quaglia

Forcing a kid to develop can sometimes do more harm than good.

Happy Kids

Why Dutch Children Are The Happiest In The World

ByPatrick Maynard

A lack of pressure and an emphasis on independence are among the key factors that make kids in the Netherlands so happy.

Family Bonds

Brother, Sister, Rival, Friend: The Longstanding Effects Of Sibling Relationships

ByJoshua A. Krisch

Siblings may have as powerful an effect on one another's lives as parents do.

Child Development

When Can You Pierce A Baby's Ears? A Pediatrician Explains

ByPatrick A. Coleman

There are some ground rules to baby ear piecing, but for the most part it’s totally safe.


What Is Intuitive Eating And Does It Really Work For Kids?

ByAdam Meyer

No, kids won’t just choose to eat sweets and chips when you let them listen to their bodies.

Child Development

The Normal Age For Children To Start Masturbating Is Earlier Than You Think

ByLauren Vinopal

Psychologists explain what is normal and when parents should be concerned.

Child Development

Toddler Walking On Their Toes? Don’t Be Alarmed — Yet

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Toe walking can be a sign of neurological issues, but more likely it will resolve itself.