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Riddles In the Dark

45 Years Ago, The Jules Bass Animated Classic 'The Hobbit' Changed The World

ByRyan Britt

In 1977, the animated version of The Hobbit made a classic book even more powerful than ever.

Fatherly Icons

LeVar Burton Looks To The Next Generation

ByRyan Britt

The storied actor and educator brings it all full circle in his latest role as an onscreen father to his real-life daughter.

Old Friends

70 Years Ago, The Biggest Action Hero Of All Time Made His Shocking Debut

ByRyan Britt

With Casino Royale, Ian Fleming changed the game — forever.

The Fatherly Nightstand

James Bond Just Got Rebooted And The Story Is Better Than 'No Time To Die'

ByRyan Britt

Kim Sherwood’s new novel Doube Or Nothing thrillingly expands the 007 franchise.

Great Quotes

40+ Inspirational Dr. Seuss Quotes for Every Occasion

ByAnna Tingley

The children's author had no shortage of wonderful sayings worth remembering.

Old Friends

40 Years Ago, One Movie Dared To Adapt Everyone’s Favorite YA Book Of All Time

ByIan Spelling

Stay gold, Pony Boy.


LeVar Burton’s Slick New Book Club Isn’t For Kids

ByIan Spelling

But you don't have to take our word for it. Listen to a message from the man himself.


New Versions Of Classic Roald Dahl Books Have Controversial Changes

ByRyan Britt

Here's why new editions of The Witches and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are causing an uproar.

Illicit Lessons

Me, My Daughter, And The Marquis de Sade

ByJoel Warner

I wrote a book about the notoriously taboo (and often criminal) Marquis De Sade. So what did I tell my kids?

Baby Names

The Best 'Lord of the Rings' Baby Names To Rule Them All

ByRyan Britt

Forget "Frodo" and "Strider," and don't even think about "Treebeard." These are the best Middle-earth names that are actually great.

Eliminate the Impossible

5 Best Ways To Introduce Kids To Sherlock Holmes

ByRyan Britt

The game's afoot!

Great Books

What We Forgot About the ’90s Is More Interesting Than What We Remember

ByRyan Britt

Chuck Klosterman's new book on the most misunderstood decade will shock you with details you forgot.

Cool Dads

Terry Crews Doesn’t Believe In Self-Made Men — Even If He Lived The Myth

ByAlex French

In his new kids’ book, Crews teaches kids that nobody is ever alone and all success is really communal.

Great Reads

The Best Reading Order For the Moomin Books Is Out of Order

ByTess Gionet

Your next series obsession is here, and we've got the exact order you should read them in.


‘The Wonder Weeks’: Still Influential. Still Wrong.

ByPatrick A. Coleman

This 27-year-old tome continues to influence the way parents see child development. Too bad its advice doesn't hold up.

Hidden In Plain Sight

A Bone-Chilling ‘Goodnight, Moon’ Mystery: What’s With the Headless Giraffe?

ByRyan Britt

I guess my daughter is the only one who noticed this monstrosity.