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Kids Books

The 13 Best First Chapter Books for Kids

ByTess Gionet

Teacher and librarian recommended — parent and kid approved.

Young Readers

The Confounding Science Of Children’s Literature

ByTheresa Fisher

Over the past 50 years, researchers have learned a lot about the basis behind children's book-selection preferences. But there's still a lot that remains unknown.

Cool Dads

Original Karate Kid Ralph Macchio Says “The Miyagi-verse” Could Be The Next MCU

ByIan Spelling

38 years after the original Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio is still waxing on.


1984 Video Of Keanu Reeves "Teddy Bear Reporter" Resurfaces Amid Matthew Perry Slander

ByRyan Britt

Need proof Keanu is a good guy? Check out his teddy bear journalism.

Riddles In the Dark

45 Years Ago, The Jules Bass Animated Classic 'The Hobbit' Changed The World

ByRyan Britt

In 1977, the animated version of The Hobbit made a classic book even more powerful than ever.

Old Friends

45 Years Ago, Dr. Seuss Dropped a Grinch Prequel That Is Basically A Horror Movie

ByNathan Rabin

You can’t believe this deeply strange 1977 Grinch prequel even exists.

Bedtime Stories

America’s Top-Voted Bedtime Story Is Guaranteed To Give Your Kids Nightmares

ByDevan McGuinness

We’re surprised and a little incredulous.

Na Na, Batman

ICYMI: This Seemingly Adorable Batman Day Video Is Definitely Not For Kids

ByDevan McGuinness

Na na na na, NOT for kids!

Cool Dads

Steph Curry Has The Secret To Keeping Our Kids Resilient

ByChristian Dashiell

The NBA superstar’s new kids' book comes from a deeply personal place, both as a basketball player and a dad.

Mischief Managed

This Map Sorted Each State Into a Hogwarts House And It's So Accurate

ByDevan McGuinness

One house dominates in the US, and that checks out, too.

Fatherly Book Club

The Best Summer 2022 Novel Is A Cautionary Tale For Cranky Dads

ByRyan Britt

In Teddy Wayne's The Great Man Theory, a curmudgeon father reveals all our worst fears.

Watch Together

This 'Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile' Trailer Is So F**king Good

ByIan Spelling

No crocodile tears here! This looks legit.

Cool Dads

Channing Tatum Gets Real About Fatherhood

ByMatt Berical

The actor talks about being a dad, his children’s book series Sparkella, and his greatest collaboration yet.

There You Are

The Hardest Thing About A Father’s Legacy? The Truth.

ByPete Croatto

When writing his new memoir In the Early Times, Tad Friend discovered new, hard truths about his father that forced him to reckon with preconceived notions — and himself.

Reading Into Movies

Read the Chilling Short Story ‘Spiderhead’ Is Based On Free Online Now

ByRyan Britt

Brush up on your George Saunders ahead of the new Hemsworth cyberpunk flick.

Deeper Magic

The Best Harry Potter Alternatives For Kids Who Love Fantasy

ByRyan Britt

Go beyond Hogwarts without the need for Narnia.