The Back To School Issue 2023

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Emma Chao/Fatherly; Courtesy of Nirvana, AOL, Nike, Casio; Getty Images

BACK TO SCHOOL ’23: A Time For Reinvention.

More than anything, the return of the school year offers families an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Kids come back with personal styles honed and new experiences to share. Parents fire up more efficient routines with renewed personal and professional goals. Everyone gets to pick out a new pair of sneakers and, why not, a cool new bag. 'Tis the season.

Fatherly’s Back-To-School issue is dedicated to renewal and reinvention — whether in what you read, watch, wear, or even how you get to school. Small shifts can lead to big changes in the way the family sees and interacts with the world. It's part of the learning experience and, hey, it's always fun to shake things up a bit. So have at it — and happy learning.

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