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10 Star Wars Baby Names Perfect For Your Young Padawan

Make sure everyone knows that your child is a force to be reckoned with.

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The parenting lessons in Star Wars might be questionable, but the names are very cool. And so, parents may be inspired to name their kids after Star Wars people. “Darth,” and “Chewbacca” are clearly out. But there are many to choose from. Here are 10 classics from Star Wars that make great baby names.

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10. Ben

In Star Wars, we have to assume “Ben” is not short for “Benjamin.” It’s just “Ben.” Which while classic, also feels new. Don’t name your kid “Benjamin.” Just name them “Ben.”

9. Kleya

Luthen’s right-hand boss lady Kleya in Andor is played by Elizabeth Dulau. She’s not secretly Princess Leia, but her name sounds kinda similar. It’s a great name and impossible to forget.

7. Antilles

Wedge Antilles was Luke’s wingman during the assault on the Death Star, but you can’t name your kid “Wedge.” That said, why not make the common Star Wars last name “Antilles,” into a first name?

6. Owen

In fairness, Owen is a super-popular baby name already. But if you’re naming your kid after the true hero of Star Wars, Owen Lars, it’s different, right?

5. Sabine

Before the TV show The Mandalorian, one Mandalorian warrior reigned supreme: Sabine Wren in the animated series Star Wars Rebels. A brilliant name for an inspiring hero. Star Wars didn’t invent the name “Sabine,” it has an ancient Latin origin, but, let it be known that the Star Wars version of Sabine is also an artist.

4. Cinta

Varada Sethu plays Cinta Kaz in Star Wars: Andor, and her performance captures a perfect blend of idealism and realism. Cinta is willing to do what needs to get done, but she’ll also do anything for the people she loves. Plus the name just sounds cool.

3. Poe

Oscar Isaac’s “Poe Dameron” in The Force Awakens gets his last name from J.J. Abrams’ production assistant, “Morgan Dameron.” But the first name is perhaps from Edgar Allan Poe. Either way, it’s an awesome name.

2. Rose

“Rose” is the often in the top 200 most popular baby names in the world. But, in The Last Jedi, Kelly Marie Tran's Rose Tico inspired millions, creating a Rose like none other before.

1. Cassian

We love Star Wars: Andor for its grown-up themes, but “Cassian” is also a wonderful name. It also comes from Latin, but from the year 2016 onward, Cassian is a thoughtful rebel from the most famous faraway galaxy.


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