10 Weird Facts About The Human Body That You (Probably) Didn’t Know

Impress your curious kids with these very strange facts about our bodies.

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Human bodies are weird. They’re also an endless source of fascination for kids. Should your kids know everything there is about boogers, brains, and bodies? Of course. Every fact about them, no matter how gross, is a lesson in celebrating both science and ourselves.

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Your Brain Is Fat...

Your brain is the fattiest organ in your body, composed of approximately 60% fat. And that is exactly how voluptuous it should be, because the brain needs essential fatty acids in order to perform adequately. Perhaps rappers should’ve been praising your juicy cerebrum all along.

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...And It Shrinks When You Become A Parent

Having a baby changes the brain of new moms, leading to less gray matter in areas related to social signals and general processing. Dads have similar shrinkage in regions related to executive functioning and visual processing. Bring on the baby brain!

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You Can Pinch Your Weenus As Hard As You Want

The extra skin on your elbow, known as the weenus, is basically nature’s Silly Putty because there are fewer sensory neurons located there. That means you can keep kneading it all day long, and as hard as you want.

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The Human Body Technically Glows In The Dark

Humans are bioluminescent, like fireflies. This is mostly as a result of a reaction in which free radicals are produced through cell respiration, causing us to glow. The big difference between humans and fireflies is that the light we produce is about 1,000 times weaker than the human eye can detect.

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Stomach Acid Can Melt Metal

The digestive juices in the gut contain hydrochloric acid, which can dissolve certain metals like zinc and falls just below battery acid on the pH scale. One study found that gastric acid could even partially break down razor blades, but not copper, so it’s a mixed bag.

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Your Fingernails Grow Three Times Faster Than Your Toenails

Fingernails grow about 3 times faster because your hands have more blood pumping through them due to closer proximity to the heart, which facilitates growth. That’s also why your fingernails grow at a slower rate in colder weather — because blood flow is being restricted.

Your Liver Can Regenerate Itself

The liver is the only human organ that can regenerate itself. Although some injuries and diseases can damage it beyond repair, it can regenerate after 90% of it has been removed. That’s why liver donors only have to give up a piece of theirs.

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Some People Can Give Themselves Goosebumps

Goosebumps are caused by arrector pili muscles that contract and raise the hairs on your skin in response to the cold, tickling, or other sensory stimuli. But some people can contract these muscles consciously, causing goosebumps on command. .

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You Make Up To 4 Pints Of Spit Daily

Saliva serves an important function of neutralizing stomach acid, killing germs, and helping prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath, so it’s good that you make a lot of it. Live Science estimates the average person makes about 2-4 pints of spit per day.


The Strongest Muscle In The Human Body Is the Jaw

The strongest muscle in the human body is the masseter, aka the jaw. A healthy jaw can close a set of teeth with a force of up to 200 pounds. If you were looking for an excuse to refer to snacking as “strength training,” now you have it.

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