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10 Ways To Be A More Attractive Man, According To Science

Own that chest hair. Make people laugh. Kiss a baby. All these and more can make you more desirable.

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Attractiveness is not fixed. That is, it can change over time, and by tactics as tiny as standing up straight. It’s also subjective, but there are some things — beards and confidence among them — that more women (the group these particular studies focused on) than not consider attractive in men.

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1. Grow A Beard (Maybe)

Women may find bearded men more attractive, studies suggest (awesome). But this depends on whether a woman’s father had a beard (weird). Scientists suspect this may have something to do with sexual imprinting, or the theory that future mate preferences are formed at a young age and are modeled after parents.

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2. Embrace Your Chest Hair

If you’re into older women, a hairy chest could be a game-changer. Researchers have found that more fertile women opt for men with less chest hair, but postmenopausal women prefer more chest hair. Enjoy your one-way ticket to Cougartown.


3. Get In A Relationship

Women, particularly younger women, are significantly more likely to find men attractive when they’re in a relationship, studies have found. And the more attractive your partner is, the more attractive people will find you.

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4. Make People Laugh

Humor makes women feel comfortable — a lack of which can be a huge barrier to establishing attraction. That comfort then leads to trust. Trust, in turn, boosts the “bonding hormone” oxytocin.

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5. Get Creative

The ability to show a sense of creativity is seen as exciting and novel. These feelings are associated with the release of dopamine, which is less disarming than oxytocin, but still increases feelings of passion and attraction.

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6. Give It Time

Women do, in fact, find older men attractive. In online dating, at the very least, men peak at age 50. This preference could be driven by evolution; older men tend to have more power and resources, which is desirable.

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7. Kiss A Baby

Women are more attracted to men after they see them interacting with babies, research shows. It doesn’t even have to be your baby! Although evidence does suggest, however, that an interest in being a dad makes men more attractive to long-term partners.

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8. Try Manscaping

When it comes to what makes a man attractive below the belt, proportions are most important, but you can’t change your length or girth. What you can change is how manicured you keep your pubic hair, which according to at least one study, is one of the most important factors in a penis’ attractiveness.


9. Work Out Your Chest And Shoulders

Guys with bodies shaped like an inverted triangle, with bigger shoulders and smaller waists, are considered more attractive across the board. But that definitely doesn’t mean you should skip leg day.


10. Stand Tall

Just about everyone is attracted to confidence. But if your self-esteem isn’t as high as it could be, power posing can help, studies show. The fact that it means drawing yourself to your full height won’t hurt matters, either.

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