8 Celebrity Mustache Styles To "Shave" For Later

There’s a style for everyone.

Whether you’re all for growing out a bushy stache or keeping it trimmed, anyone can pull off a mustache. Certain mustache styles can complement your facial structure and features. Here are 8 different mustache styles to try.

Pencil Mustache

The pencil mustache requires a little more maintenance but can be achieved with the slightest bit of trimming. Keeping a little bit of hair trimmed just above your upper lip, this style requires you to trim often to maintain that thin look. This style can work on any hair type or color.

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Chevron Mustache

Thickness and length are key to achieving the chevron mustache. This style takes a bit more time time to achieve than most mustaches, so give yourself a few months to let it grow around the shape of your upper lip. Keep your stache maintained by trimming the very top of your upper lip, so that there isn’t too much hair at the base of your mouth.

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Trimmed Mustache

A classic trimmed look is the way to go if you want that simple yet versatile look. This stache style can work with any hair type, hair texture, and face or jawline shape, hence its versatility.

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Horseshoe Mustache

This style works for those who have the patience to grow a full beard. The Horseshoe mustache can be achieved by growing out a beard and then trimming it fully or down to its desired length to get that perfect horseshoe shape around your mouth and cheeks. While this style can work for any hair texture and face shape, it does require you to grow a good amount of facial hair, specifically down both sides of the chin.

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Full Mustache

Volume and thickness are the perfect combinations for a full mustache. It’s very low maintenance. Grow your mustache to its fullest and trim it to keep it neat. Trim your beard down to a close length for a subtle scruffy look.

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The beardstache is exactly what it sounds like, it’s both a beard and a mustache. This style works for anyone who can grow both and can be trimmed down thin to a stubble beard, or grown out thick with a long beard. Keeping the lip hair and beard hair ratio the same, the beardstache works for any hair texture, type, and face shape.

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For men who can’t grow or don’t want to maintain a lot of hair, the barely-there mustache is the perfect style to sport. With having the only task of shaving or trimming when the hair starts to grow more, this style works for literally anyone with facial hair.

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Parted Pencil

Similar to the pencil mustache, the parted pencil has a small part right in the top middle of the mustache hair. Like the pencil mustache, this style requires trimming often and works with any hair type and color. Use a beard wax to style when needed.

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