These 8 Award-Winning Dog Photos Will Make Your Day

The 2022 Dog Photography Awards winners were just announced — and the images are an incredible reminder of how lucky we are to have dogs.

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From an avalanche rescue dog captured amongst the ice to a pooch caught in torpedo-like motion leaping over a hurdle, to beautiful, simple portraits, the Dog Photography Award-winners — selected by a jury of renowned photographers from entries all over the world— display a range of talents and stories and deserve to be seen.

Dog Photography Awards

1st Place Winner Portait & Landscape — Dalia Fichmann — Switzerland

“The avalanche rescuedogs are often the first responders, fighting their way through the avalanche cones on their four paws with a lot of perseverance to look for the buried people, who are sometimes buried several meters under the snow masses,” said Fichmann.

Dalia Fichmann – Switzerland

2nd Place Portrait & Landscape — Sophia Hutchinson — United Kingdom

"This shot of Amber my Dalmatian is so special to me ... this was one of the first walks we were able to do off lead since her two leg operations. It fills me with emotion seeing her so independent and captivated by the beauty of nature and wildlife,” Hutchinson wrote.

Sophia Hutchinson

1st Place Winner Action — Francesco Junior Mura - Italy

She is Bagheera

“The first obstacle of the course is the moment I prefer most of all,” said Mura, who snapped this photograph at an agility competition in Italy. “There, where it all begins, where the bond between Human and Dog is expressed in such a clear way by such a magnetic look, where you can see the power of dog’s muscles contracting and releasing energy at every handler’s nod.”

Francesco Junior Mura

2nd Place Action — Kjara Kocbek — Slovenia

This action shot was snapped by Kobec at sunrise and showcases some serious agility — and beautiful lighting.

Kjara Kocbek

1st Place Winner Studio Category — Su Kaye — United Kingdom

Things are looking up

Kaye said they tried “to do something different from the norm and create something unique in my studio and a new style” when asked about this fascinating (and jowly) portrait.

Su Kaye

2nd Place Studio — Jane Thomson — Canada


Now that’s a back that needs a good pat.

1st Place Winner Dogs & People — Sabrina Theden — Germany

Unconditional Love

The unique bond between animal and owner is easy to see in this lovely portrait.

Sabrina Theden

2nd Place Dogs & People — Sarah Ebner — Switzerland

Oh, to be a dog as the sun is rising on a grassy knoll.

Sarah Ebner

You can see more of the award winners and runners up at Dog Photography Awards.

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