The World Cup’s Greatest Lesson: It’s OK For Men To Cry

Defeat is sorrow. Victory is joy. Either way, let the tears flow, man.

Not enough men cry in public. Sure, it’s more okay to cry than ever. Lebron showed us how to do it. So did Harry Styles. Crying is normal, natural, and something we see our kids do every damn day. We say, let the tears flow — like the greatest soccer players in the world, men showing us all how to feel your emotions out loud.

Tears Of Defeat

The most common tears in the World Cup, of course, are those of defeat. Look to U.S. attacker Timothy Weah as he embraces coach Gregg Berhalter (hugs are good too!) after a 3-1 defeat to Holland in the Round of 16.

Tears Of Anticipation

Emotions swirl leading up to an event. Mexico attacker Alexis Vega shows that even during a national anthem — before the ball was even touched in a game facing Poland — it’s OK to let tears flow and show the world your emotions.

Tears Of Frustration

Neymar, whose goal during this game was one of the best in the entire tournament, is comforted by a teammate following Brazil’s World Cup Quarterfinal loss to Croatia.

Tears Of Turmoil

Wales’ Neco Williams cries on the field following his World Cup debut — a well-earned 1-1 draw with the United States — one day after being told his grandfather had died.

Tears Of Helplessness

Although Uruguay beat Ghana 2-0 in their final group stage match, it wasn’t enough for them to advance to the knockout rounds. It was overwhelming for Luis Suárez, who was subbed out in the 66th minute and watched the remainder of the match from the bench.

Tears Of Exhaustion

Takuma Asano — who scored Japan’s winning goal against Germany in their opening World Cup match — wept after Croatia beat Japan in penalties to knock them out of the tournament.

Tears Of Defiance

The weight of Iran getting knocked out of the World Cup was compound for Saeid Ezatolahi and his teammates, as they used their platform during the tournament to oppose their government's harsh treatment of protestors back home.

Tears Of Joy

Son Heung-min cries following South Korea's qualification for the World Cup knock-out stages. Fans lauded the South Korea captain’s show of emotion.

Tears Of The Fans

A fan grieves the end of Japan’s wild World Cup ride. The team pulled massive upsets of Germany and Spain, but was eventually sent home after a hard-fought match against Croatia that went to penalties.

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