Run In The Sun

8 Hot Tips For Running In The Heat

Get your sweat on — and the gains going.


“It’s too hot out” is no excuse to skip a workout. Follow these tips and you’ll find a hot workout can actually build strength, improve overall fitness, and give you a boost for the cooler months. Get sweating!

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1. Go Hard — But Keep It Short

Save the mile repeats for a cooler day. High temps are ideal for short bursts. In running, think distances between 100 and 400 meters. (Hills and stairs are a plus.)

2. Get Wet

If you’re heading out into the heat for a sweat session, give yourself a head start by soaking your shirt and shorts in cold water, wringing them out, and putting them on.

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3. Freeze Your Clothes

Another time-honored tip summer runners swear by: Store your workout clothes in the freezer overnight.

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4. Hydrate

Weighted vests are trendy, but can you drink them? Instead, grab two 1.5 liter water bottles and carry one in each hand as you jog. When you’re thirsty, drink. When you’re not, you’ll be give your forearms and biceps a (small) workout.

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5. Chase The Shade

Why run on blazing open roads if you know a shaded path in the woods? As you plot your run, aim to have as much of your run in the shade as possible. Even if it’s in the shadow of a building, it can make all the difference.

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6. Salt Your Water

This one comes from the American Council on Exercise: Add a pinch of salt to your water bottle — it has the same effect of boosting electrolytes as a sports drink for a fraction of the price.

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7. Fly By Night

Even on a 100 F day, it’s a lot cooler when the sun goes down. If your schedule allows, run after the sun goes down (or at dawn if you’re a seriously early riser).

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8. Take A Break

Feel like you’re overheating? Stop, take a break, have a drink of water. If you aren’t recovering, walk home. No shame there!


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