10 Reasons Sober October Is Life-Changing — And It’s Not Too Late To Start

Giving up — or cutting down on — alcohol for even just a month can have serious benefits to your health. And although October is more than halfway through, there’s still time to jump on the fad and reap the rewards, because any length of sobriety has benefits. Here are 10 great reasons for doing it.


Reason #1: You’ll sleep better. Studies have found that temporarily abstaining from alcohol increases sleep quality. Relatedly, you can expect more energy and better concentration, too.

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Reason #2: You could shed unwanted weight. Those who participate in month-long sobriety challenges often report weight loss, which makes sense considering how quickly the calories in alcohol add up.

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Reason #3: Better cognition. After a few weeks to a month of sobriety, you may think more clearly and have better memory.

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Reason #4: Reduced cancer risk. Researchers have found that after a month of abstinence, people have reduced levels of cancer-related growth factors circulating in their bodies.

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Reason #5: Less insulin resistance, according to a study of people who abstained from alcohol for a month. This lessens the risk of developing diabetes.

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Reason #6: Taking a break from alcohol allows you to assess how you feel without it. If you feel significantly better when you’re not drinking, your body may be telling you that you need to cut back long-term.


Reason #7: Lower blood pressure, according to a study of people who abstained from alcohol for a month. This lessens the risk of heart attack, heart failure, and sudden cardiac death.

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Reason #8: No more hangovers. This is an obvious benefit, but still great. This is an even better reason as you get older because the head-throbbing, queasy, day-after effects feel like they become worse as you age (even if they actually don’t).


Reason #9: You’ll feel better overall. After participating in temporary abstinence challenges, people tend to report both better well-being.

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Reason #10: You might drink less later. People who participate in temporary abstinence challenges also tend to drink less even after the challenge is over, and they feel more in control of their drinking.

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