About Us

Fatherly is a parenting resource for men who understand that embracing what they’ve become doesn’t mean giving up who they are. Men who want to be great fathers without turning into cliches. Men who spent their formative years laughing at blogs about dads in short shorts, but who will never, ever wear short shorts themselves.

Our mission is twofold: first, we aim to be the most robust source of practical parenting advice on the Internet. With a comprehensive suite of content broken down by your child’s exact age, we’ll provide you info on everything from preparing the home for a baby’s arrival, to transitioning them to solid food, to figuring out what to do with this tiny human being once he or she starts walking, talking, and demanding to be shown a good time.

We don’t stop there. To expand your mind and possibly turn you into a super-dad in the process, we publish next-level stories that take approaches as unconventional as the generation they speak to. You’ll find hide-and-go-seek tips from Navy SEALs, travel hacks from professional explorers, even insider school advice from the former Secretary of Education. And yes, of course, we’ll tell you about the best new toys, so you can spend less time wandering the big box store, and more time getting to know the new most important person in your life.