Afro’s, Braids, and Natural Hairstyle for the Summer

Explore the versatility of Black hair.

From afros to locs to braids, Black hair is so versatile, and trying out new styles can definitely be a way to show your sense of self and can be a reflection of your personal style.

Short Afro

Keep it simple and let your hair grow out into a short afro. Accentuate your curls and kinky coils by using a wide-tooth comb or pick to detangle and brush your hair out. Keeping your hair conditioned will create more volume.

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Box Braids

Style your hair in box braids as a protective style to help your hair grow. Box braids are low maintenance, with you only having to oil your scalp, and can last for about a month.

Side Cornrows

Side Cornrows are another protective braiding that can last anywhere from 2 weeks to a month depending on hair growth. Using hair oils such as Design Essentials Moisturizing Oil Treatment will help keep your scalp and hair hydrated while it’s in braids.

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Straight-Back Cornrows

Get your hair braided down vertically with straight-back cornrows. This style of cornrows has become really popular over the past few years with celebrities like Drake sporting them. To achieve this style, make sure your hair is washed, dried, detangled, and braid down 5-10 plaits.

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Locs are a very versatile style. Whether you have short hair and are just starting out, or have long hair and want to consider locs, there are so many different styles and ways to wear them. To achieve this style, it’s best to go to a professional hairstylist to avoid any damage to your natural hair. Locs can be maintained by oiling your scalp, washing your hair, and getting a retwist at least once a month.

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Low-Cut Fade

Keep a low-cut fade for easy maintenance in the hot summer weather. This style requires you to have your hair cut down really short, by a barber or yourself. Be sure to brush it daily. Wash your conditioned hair once a week for best results.

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360 Waves

Take a dive with 360 waves, surrounded by the entirety of your head. This style, which has a circular ripple effect, can be created by your barber and maintained by constantly brushing your hair and wearing a wave cap to protect the waves.


Achieve a fluffy and voluminous blowout look by using either a comb or brush to style your hair, or taking on the task of blowdrying your hair out to stretch it before combing and brushing it out. Use a curl sponge to create a textured look.

Short Waves

Short waves have been in for a while and are a staple hairstyle in the Black community. Similar to 360 waves, short waves are a bit easier to maintain, as the waves aren’t styled around the entirety of your head. Create a ripple effect for waves in your hair by brushing downward consistently and wearing a wave cap at night.

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Big Afro

Afros will never go out of style. Rock your natural hair by sporting a big fro and maintain your afro by combing and brushing your hair so it doesn’t tangle, and washing your hair regularly. Routinely oiling your scalp and moisturizing your hair can help maintain a healthy, long ‘fro.


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