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9 Parenting Hacks To Get Your Kid To Sleep Through The Night

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Nothing is more frustrating for parents than a kid who refuses to go to sleep...or worse, a kid who can’t stay asleep through the night.


Thoughts of sleeping through the night consume parents, but it’s a hard-fought battle for many families. Getting eight hours of shut eye can feel impossible, but getting kids to fall asleep and stay asleep is possible, with the right tricks.


Even though your children might disagree, a full night’s sleep is important for kids of all ages. Sleep is necessary for proper development, and kids who don’t sleep enough could face long-term intellectual and emotional consequences.


If you’re struggling to help your kid make it through the night, try these proven parent hacks so you can both rest easy.


Wear Them Out

Outdoor physical activity is a great way to wear your little one out — just don’t get the party started too close to bedtime. Experts recommend at least an hour between physical exertion and sleep.


Try A Sound Machine

A white noise machine or low-key music that isn’t very exciting — think spa or elevator music — can help kids block out ambient noise and relax into sleep. Try a continuous noise maker, not one on a timer, as the transition from on to off might disrupt your child’s sleep and wake them up.


Have One-On-One Time

Spending quality alone time with your child helps them feel connected and can help release any anxiety they held on to throughout the day. Try a quiet activity like a puzzle or building toy.


Establish A Bedtime Ritual

Turning off screens, having bath time, and following up with a story and lullaby — all in a predictable order — helps kids understand that bedtime is coming and ease them into the right headspace for rest.

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Do Yoga At Bedtime

Teaching kids how to breathe and do a few yoga poses will help them to calm and center themselves, making a restful state more achievable. Start with belly breathing, where the belly inflates and deflates with each breath, and move on to the moon salutation.


Ditch The Devices

Blue light from screens can disrupt melatonin production and make it difficult to fall asleep. Even devices with blue light dimming or nighttime mode can keep kids’ brains active and spinning. Turn screens off at least an hour before bedtime to help kids transition to restfulness.


Keep Noise To A Minimum

Keep things as quiet as possible after putting your kid to bed. Clanking dishes or a too loud TV might be the excuse your child needs to hop out of bed and see what’s going on. Instead, take some quiet time for yourself.


Eat A Bedtime Snack

Adding a snack into your bedtime ritual can help stave off a grumbly belly at bedtime and keep kids in bed longer. Avoid refined sugars, and be sure snack time is before toothbrushing time.

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Play It Cool

Research shows it’s easier to fall asleep — and stay asleep — in a cool room. Keep your kid’s room cool with seasonally appropriate pajamas and bed linens, and consider lowering the thermostat just a bit before bedtime.


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