These 11 Competition-Winning Birth Photography Photos Are Truly Mind-Blowing

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPB) released its winners for the 2022 Birth Photography Image Competition. The winning images are astounding and unique.

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Bárbara Aviz of Bárbara Aviz Fotografia

The IABPB’s annual competition for the year’s best birth photos are a stunning document of birth, a deeply personal experience that happens every four seconds around the world.


Best in Birth Details

“The Tiniest Feet”

Mom’s feet are posed like a newborn, but then your eyes see the tiny but mighty feet.

by Dania Lauren of Lauren + Douglas
Best in Labor

“Accepting A New Plan”

by Sara Avila of Sara Avila Fotografia

There is so much vulnerability in this photo, especially between the person who had to change all their plans and the kindness in the medical professional’s eyes.

Sara Avila of Sara Avila Fotografia

Best in Delivery

"The First Look"

Look at all that emotion on his face. You can feel the feelings in this picture.

by Ebony Allen-Ankins of Ebony Allen-Ankins Photography

Best in Postpartum

“Twins First Latch”

All those guiding hands helping this beautiful new family of three.

by Jessica Miles of Jessica Miles Photography
Best in Loss & Hardship

"As Long As I Am Here With You My Perfect Little Baby"

by Meike Nagorny of Meike Nagorny m.o.m.e.n.t.s

“For the first time since the start of our annual competition, we opened entries to a special group of birth stories in an effort to honor and recognize the 1 in 4 birthing persons who experience miscarriage and/or infant loss,” the competition reads.

“We understand the sensitivity of choosing a winner of this category because we believe all images (and families photographed) submitted deserve to be celebrated.”

Meike Nagorny of Meike Nagorny m.o.m.e.n.t.s

Best in Birth Details: Black & White

"She Roars"

You can see the strength and power emanating from this photograph.

by Lindsey Bartell of Lindsey Eden Photography & Doula
Best in Labor: Black & White

"Ovarian Cancer Survivor - Hospital Transfer"

by Sara Hunter of Sara Hunter Photo, LLC

Capturing all the complex emotions in this birth is absolutely stunning.

Sara Hunter Photo, LLC

Best in Delivery: Black & White


Welcoming another life into the world, cradled by very proud parents.

by Inge Berken of Inge Berken Fotografie

Best in Postpartum: Black & White


A reunion with herself.

by Rachel Utain-Evans of Rachel Utain-Evans Photography
Overall Winner

“A touch of love”

by Bárbara Aviz of Bárbara Aviz Fotografia

An image that shows the magic of parenthood and the immediate bond between mama and baby.

Barbara Aviz

To check out all the winners, including honorable mentions, check out IABPB’s full gallery.

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