8 Crazy Waterslides to Fuel Your Backyard Adventures

by Joe Jackson

Is there more fun than a waterslide on a blazing hot summer day? Yes. An absolutely ginormous over the top, gaudy, and ecstatically fun water slide on a blazing hot summer day. The following nine slides range from really over the top to unapologetically radically over the top. Enjoy.

Sidewinder Blast Water Park

This multi-user number will make your backyard all of your kids' friends flock to. Up to ten kids can go berserk on the Bonzai Sidewinder thanks to its two water cannons, a climbing wall, and slide that lands in an oversized lagoon.

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Turbo Shoot Water Slide

With a little geographical help of a long slope and a lake to land in – you can set up a 60-foot slide that will deliver your laughing child lighting fast into the body of water.

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Blast Zone
The Pirates Bay Inflatable Play Park

Blast Zone’s Pirate’s Bay is a best seller for good reason – there’s a lot going on. The enclosed bounce house and tunnel additions make it feel more like an amusement park than slide alone.

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Fiesta 15' x 36' Inflatable Slide with Air Blower

While the Fiesta may only do one thing—climb up, slide down—it does that thing extremely well. It’s a stand alone 36-foot slide, what more can you ask for?

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DuraLite Pirate Ship Inflatable Slide

For the boat focused pirate enthusiast for whom a bust of a pirate ship in a cove won’t do: enter the DuraLite Pirate Ship. The 20’ by 12’ ship encases a waterslide that will create a magical waterpark for your little buccaneers.

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Freefall Supreme

Anchor the 12’ 5” high Freefall Supreme in the middle of a lake and watch kids and adults go wild with the acrobatics a rigid bouncy slide can deliver.

Kid's Inflatable Water Park With Big Swim Pool

You want over the top? How about a water slide bounce house that also has a ball pit? It manages to tick boxes in the backyard recreation category we didn’t know we needed.

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Inflatable Zone
Inflatable World's Longest Backyard Water Slide

Is this really the World’s Longest Backyard Waterslide as the name suggests? No. In its defense, though, the incredible speeds that your family will reach on this 32-foot standalone slide with inflatable cushioning will make the deceiving marketing obsolete.

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