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The 8 Most Painful Kids’ Toys To Step On In Bare Feet

A useful guide for commiserating parents and kids looking to stop robbers.

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Why is it that kids' toys seem to get ever smaller, sharper, and diabolically pointier? It’s like toy manufacturers are after anyone who dares to walk around with bare feet. Consider this a plea for toymakers to maybe take it easy on the hard edges of the following items.

Barbie Shoes

Barbie’s high heels are like little plastic thumbtacks. Plus, these shoes are so tiny that they can hide between carpet fibers, waiting for an unsuspecting foot to come along.

Hatchimal Shells

The animals inside are cute, but the broken eggshell pieces feel like shattered glass when you step on them.

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Plastic Army Men

Fortunately, these little guys have some give, so you’re not going to be lacerated by a plastic gun barrel. But those helmeted heads are hard enough to do some damage to a heel or two.


These plastic figures are hard enough to do some serious damage. And they're so small, your kid’s almost guaranteed to leave one or two out. Think Legos, but cuter and without as many corners.

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Monopoly Houses

Not only are Monopoly’s plastic houses pointy and hard, but it’s almost impossible to find them all when you’re done. Until you step on one in the middle of the night, that is.

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Jacks Pieces

Extremely hard? Check. Pointy tips aimed at your feet? Check. These classic pieces are nearly indestructible. Your feet, not so much.

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Hot Wheels Cars

These little replicas instantly make any hard surface as slippery as a patch of ice. If you’ve ever seen Home Alone, you know.

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LEGO Bricks

These building blocks have earned their reputation because of their zero-give and plentiful edges and corners. LEGO bricks are so painful to step on that there have actually been studies on why they hurt so bad. Extra credit if you accidentally kneel on one.

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