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8 Muscle Recovery Tools To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

From updated foam rollers to an at-home ice bath, these tools are designed to cut down your recovery time and get you back in the gym.


Chances are, your resolution to get in shape is making you sore already. From casual accessories to those more suited for hardcore athletes, each of these tools is designed to provide relief and get you back in the gym in no time.

Rogue Fitness
Mobilitywod Foot Roller

Feet sore after a box jump workout? This tiny but mighty roller is small enough to fit in your workout bag, so you can roll your feet out right after a WOD.

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TRS Supernova 2.0

Consider this ball an upgrade to the traditional lacrosse ball/tennis ball massager. It has more surface area for greater muscle sheer, and its treaded surface prevents it from slipping while in use.

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Chirp Wheel+ 4-Pack

Foam rollers are great an all but they can be a bit limited. This set has four separate rollers of varying intensity: the 14-inch roller provides gentle massage, the 10-inch is a bit firmer, while the 6-inch provides deep tissue massage. If you’re looking to focus on other areas like the quads or hamstrings, use the 4-inch roller.

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Monkee Mount Massage Gun Holder

Massage guns are great, but unless you've got someone to help you, you're back is out of luck. This doorframe mount holds your massage gun in place against a door frame so you can lean up against your gun and loosen up your back all by yourself.

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Myovolt Leg Vibration Therapy Brace

This massaging brace is perfect for loosening up your knees or calves after a long run. The wearable brace format makes it easy to use while you work at your desk or putter around the house.

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Therabody Powerdot Duo 2.0

This e-stim machine's wireless pods reduce recovery time and relieve pain by providing electrical muscle stimulation. Wireless connecting and a nicely laid out app make it exceedingly simple to use.

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Recovery Air Jet Boots

Nothing helps ease the soreness of a hard leg day like some good copression. These inflatable leg sleeves provide powerful, comfortable squeeze in 20, 40, and 60 minute sessions.

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Rogue Fitness
Rogue Ice Barrel

Ice baths are an effective way to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery, but most take up too much floor space in your home. This ice barrel is only three feet wide, so you can easily fit it into a garage and chill out.

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