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8 Unique Pint Glasses To Add Personality To Your Pours

Oddities, rarities, and seven ways to drink that IPA better.

by Jon Gugala

If you’re going to drink beer, don’t just settle for any old pint glass. Some of the most collectible pint glasses make the experience, no matter how routine, more distinct. Each sip is a little crisper, a little smoother, and even a little colder.

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North Drinkware
The New Half Dome Pint

One of America’s iconic peaks stares up at you from underneath a sea of beer. Unsettling, sure, but so was Free Solo.

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Lismore Connoisseur Beer Mug

This mug from Waterford, known the world over for its crystal, is laser-cut and heavy in the hand for smooth, even drinking.

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Classic Tiki Statue Rocks Glass

Why drink out of a regular pint glass when you can sip out of the mythological vessel of a god’s prestige? We rest our case.

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Dragon Glassware
Double-Wall Insulated Beer Glass

Not only does this insulated glass mug keep your beer cold and the glass condensation-free, it makes it look like your beer is suspended in mid-air.

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Sugahara Glassworks
Fujiyama Glass

Handblown by master craftsmen at Sugahara Glassworks, this beautiful glass represents Mt. Fuji, with beer foam representing the snowcapped peak.

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Benshot Pint Glass

Want to drink from a glass that’ll make people do a double-take? These pint glasses are embedded with a real copper, lead-free bullet CNC'd by Lehigh Defense in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

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G Francis
Mushroom Shaped Cocktail Glasses

This mushroom-shaped beer is easy to hold, and it is highly effective at showcasing the color of whatever you’re drinking. Plus, you know... it looks like a mushroom.

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Dumbbell Beer Glasses

You’re not going to win any style awards with these beer glasses, but the next time someone asks if you want to do 16-ounce curls, you’ll have just the thing.

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