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9 Over-The-Top Halloween Decorations You Can Buy Right Now

From a 14-foot-tall inflatable Oogie Boogie to a life-sized zombie kid, these decorations will make a spooky statement.

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If there’s one time of year when you should go big on decorations, it’s Halloween. Here are some of the biggest (and most disturbing) decorations to turn your home into a haunted house.

Spirit Halloween
7.6 Ft Baphomet Animatronic

At almost 8 feet tall, this horrifying animatronic moves its arms, torso, and mouth as it talks about how tasty their souls would be with a pinch of salt.

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Halloween Inflatable LED White Ghost With Red Eyes

Looking to go big? This internally illuminated ghost stands a whopping eight feet tall with glowing red eyes.

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Spirit Halloween
2.8 Ft LED Man’s Possessed Friend Animatronic

Want to make trick-or-treaters jump out of their skin? This life-sized hellhound bursts out of his house with glowing red eyes and horrifying barks and snarls.

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Blow Up Giant Scary Spider Pumpkin with Build-in LED Lights

On the cuter side, this giant LED-lit inflatable mixes jack-o-lantern, wizard, and spider imagery.

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Spirit Halloween
3 Ft Deadly Creeper Animatronic

This moving spider is absurdly large and has glowing red eyes and moving mandibles. It's perfect for keeping arachnaphobes off your lawn.

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JOYIN 47" Halloween Decorations Light Up Hanging Cocoon Corpse

Going perfectly with the giant spider decoration, this cocooned hanging corpse adds a creepy vibe to your spider display.

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Home Depot
14 ft Giant Oogie Boogie with Dice Halloween Inflatable

This 14-foot Oogie Boogie inflatable will dominate your yard, and is perfect for showing off your Nightmare Before Christmas love.

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31-in Lighted Animatronic Zombie Free Standing Decoration

This truly horrifying animatronic is a life-sized zombie child with growling and munching sound effects as he chews on the arm he's holding.

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Halloween Inflatable Light Up Eyeballs with Built-in LEDs

This 3-foot-tall set of eyes blurs the line between creepy and cute. LED lights illuminate the orbs from inside, while the included sandbags keep them from blowing away.

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