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8 Cutting-Edge Features Of The 2023 BMW X7 xDrive40i

From parental controls that help keep teen drivers safe to an autopilot that navigates tight spots, BMW's latest SUV is loaded with next-level tech.

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Even as the average car is stuffed to the gills with ride- and drive-enhancing tech, the 2023 BMW X7 xDrive40i turns heads. The 7-seater hybrid SUV (available now), is loaded with next-level-tech like parental controls that let you restrict certain actions, security cameras that send you real-time footage, and self-driving navigation. Here are 8 incredible features.

True Keyless Entry

The optional BMW Digital Key Plus lets you lock and unlock the X7 with your phone without taking it out of your pocket. You can share access with up to five other users.

Parental Controls

Got teenage drivers? You can take the stress out of handing the keys to them by creating settings that restrict top speed, engine power, and even maximum radio volume.

Security Footage

The Remote Theft Recorder function sends a message to your smartphone if your ride is broken into, so you can access and store the videos taken at the front and rear of the vehicle to help find your ride.

Four Wheel Smart Steering

The X7’s back wheels turn, which not only gives it a tighter turning radius, but the automatic speed-sensitive controls also automatically turn the back wheels in the opposite direction to the front tires’ direction for better handling at higher speeds.

Video Game Vibes

In addition to housing the Start/Stop button, parking brake button, and suspension settings, the center console also houses the iDrive controller, which can act as a joystick during automatic parking and pre-programmed maneuvers.

Dream Screen

Two screens combine to create a bright, high-resolution digital display that’s slightly angled towards the driver for easy access to the touch screen. You can also control the interior functions with voice or gesture activation, or with the iDrive controller in the center console.

Beemer, Take The Wheel

Tricky driveway? Not a problem. You can preprogram up to ten different maneuvers, carrying out all the tasks required to complete them, including controlling the accelerator, brakes, and steering as well as changing gears to move forward or reverse.

Tire Tread Monitoring

In addition to keeping an eye on your tire pressure, the xDrive40i uses AI to predict wear performance and forecast how many more miles you have remaining on your tires.

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