10 Effective Moves To Get Ripped With A Gorilla Bow

This unorthodox piece of fitness gear is a surprisingly effective mobile gym. Here’s how to get the most out of it.

The Gorilla Bow may look odd, but it’s an excellent home and travel fitness system. It’s also excellent to add banded resistance to your usual fitness routine. Here are some of the most effective movements with the archery-inspired apparatus.


The deadlift is one of the best lifts for developing strength and building a strong back. A banded deadlift like this one adds tension as you get higher, increasing your strength at the end of the lift.

Chest Press

It’s a bench press minus the bench. One of the best-known multi-joint movements, the chest press works your pecs, shoulders, and triceps.

Back Squat

This banded version of the back squat adds tension on both the upward (concentric) and downward (eccentric) movements. This constant tension fires up your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and lower back, especially at higher reps.

Bent Over Row

Great for targeting the mid and upper back, this popular accessory movement also works the biceps and rear deltoids.

Upright Row

This accessory builds up your shoulders, traps, and back, while the banded version strengthens your core as you fight to stay upright.

Lying Triceps Extension

Also known as “skull crushers,” the lying triceps extension give your tris a solid pump and helps build bigger arms.

Shoulder Press

The shoulder press builds strength and size, while maintaining an upright position in this seated variation is an excellent core exercise.

Front Squat

Where the back squat places more emphasis on the glutes, this squat variation focuses more on the upper back and quads.

Archer Row

It’s a bow; there has to be one of these movements in here. In addition to being the most literal interpretation of the device, the archer row also works the posterior deltoid and rhombus (upper back) muscles.

Bicep Curls

Sun’s out, guns out: The constant tension, even on the eccentric motion ramps up the burn and subsequent pump when you do curls with the bow.

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