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The Best Avengers Baby Names For Your Super-Powered Family

Looking for some simple and slick names? The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have got you covered.

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For certain types of families, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the greatest gift Hollywood has ever produced. Not only are there over twenty films in the franchise, but this comic book world come to life also encompasses a variety of styles, meaning there’s (usually) something for everyone.

If you’re a big Marvel family, or you sense your kid might be, here are some great, and simple baby names inspired by the Avengers.

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8. Bruce

How many babies do you know named Bruce? How many Bruces do know in your life? That’s right, this wonderful Hulk-of-a-name needs to be reclaimed ASAP!

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7. Carol

The strongest Avenger in the films, Carol Danvers kinda invented the Avengers in the ‘90s. A great name for a powerful hero.

6. Pepper

While Pepper Potts might not be technically a member of the Avengers, we think her influence on Tony Stark makes her an honorary member. Plus, her “Rescue” suit in Endgame was amazing. Ever met a kid named Pepper? We wish we had.

5. Tony

This is one of those “common names” that’s actually not as common as it seems. Tony, is, of course, usually short for “Antonio” or “Anthony,” but if we’re naming a kid after Iron Man, it’s gonna just be “Tony” all the way.

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4. Sam

Another great gender-neutral name, “Sam” is also the name of our incumbent Captain America; Sam Wilson played brilliantly by Anthony Mackie.

3. Thor

Look, this isn’t exactly an MCU-inspired name, but rather, one that comes from Norse mythology. Still, Thor feels like an awesome name for a baby, and it really, works with any gender!

2. Chadwick

Okay, so we’re cheating a bit here. T’Challa, AKA Black Panther, is a member of the Avengers. But, we think naming your kid “T’Challa,” might be a bit ostentatious. But the name Chadwick is lovely, but a wonderful tribute to the real Black Panther himself; the late Chadwick Boseman.

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1. Wanda

An old-fashioned name that has been given a magical makeover thanks to Marvel. In the comics, “Wanda” was just the alter-ego of the Scarlet Witch. But, the MCU made Wanda her true name, even if that was a little bit of an accident.


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