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10 Killer Slash Photos Paired With His Greatest Guitar Solos

Guitar god Saul Hudson, AKA Slash, turned 57 years old on July 23. Let’s celebrate his birthday by counting down his greatest shreds.

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10. Guns N' Roses – “Estranged”

Not everyone’s favorite GNR song, but deeply underrated. Slash’s guitar on this 1991 cut is just relentless. “Estranged” is on the album Use Your Illusion II.

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9. Velvet Revolver – “Fall To Pieces”

The supergroup Velvet Revolver wouldn’t have been as amazing as they were without Slash’s epic guitar solos. “Fall to Pieces” is one of the best.

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8. Slash — “Beautiful Dangerous”

From Slash’s 2010 debut solo album, the song “Beautiful Dangerous” is mostly remembered from the great vocal from Fergie. But don’t sleep on that guitar!

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7. Slash's Snakepit – “Monkey Chow”

Slash has been part of so many super groups that you’re forgiven if you forgot about Slash’s Snakepit, a band that also included members of Alice in Chains, Jellyfish, and Pride and Glory. Without question, Slash made this song their best track.

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6. Lenny Kravitz (W/Slash) - “Always On The Run”

Game recognizes game. Lenny Kravitz, an undisputed guitar master, nonetheless, enlisted Slash for the 1991 album Mama Said. Did you know these guys went to high school together? They did! And Nicolas Cage was there, too!

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5. Slash feat. Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators — “Anastasia”

Oh, you forgot about this 2012 jam, didn’t you? A genuine collaboration, but one of Slash’s best guitar moments ever, partly because it’s so different.

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4. Michael Jackson w/Slash — “Black or White” (LIVE)

Okay, so Slash did not play the famous guitar riff on the studio version of “Black or White.” But, he did play it LIVE with Michael Jackson on the Dangerous tour in 1992, and several times later, too. Slash did play on Jacko’s “Give into Me,” but the live version of ‘Black or White” is better.

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3. Guns N’ Roses - “Out Ta Get Me”

Slash owns nearly everything that is great about the 1987 GNR album Appetite For Destruction. This track is quintessential Slash, even if it’s not as famous as a few other GNR cuts.

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2. Guns N' Roses – “Paradise City”

This stomper recently came back in a big way on the soundtrack for Thor: Love & Thunder, and when you hear that guitar you immediately know why.

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1. Guns N' Roses – “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

You knew this had to be the number one slot. There’s just no way to deny how much a** this song kicks. And, like Slash himself, this track just gets better with age.

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