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The 10 Saddest Pixar Movies Ranked by How Sad They Are

We know Pixar movies are great for the whole family. But, you don’t always want to just put all these movies on for casual viewing. Here are the 10 saddest Pixar movies, ranked.

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10. Cars

Cars is depressing mostly because of its premise: Talking cars that think and feel are just creepy, and somehow make you feel even more guilty about driving than you already do.

9. Soul

This is arguably the most underrated Pixar movie of all time. It’s a great, great movie. It’s also about being dead.

8. Incredibles 2

People think the Incredibles movies are uplifting, and they are. But the super-realistic family angst in this one is sometimes a little too close to home.

7. Finding Dory

Being separated from her parents and losing her memory is one thing, but that stuff about getting trapped at the faux-SeaWorld is just too much.

6. Toy Story 4

It’s not the most depressing lost toy movie on this list, and yet, Toy Story 4 makes you think about toys that NEVER want to go back to their kids. WHO IS THIS FOR.

5. Toy Story 3

At the time this was released, people applauded this movie because it was so sad. And yet, do you really feel like rewatching it? A masterpiece yes, but not one you just want to throw on randomly.

4. Wall-E

Lonely robots who can’t really talk are great for an adult catharsis. And yet. Do kids love Wall-E? This move is so sad it makes you frown just thinking about it.

3. Finding Nemo

This was the moment Pixar realized its secret formula: Just make parents cry constantly. It’s actually shocking there are somehow two Pixar movies sadder than this one.

2. Toy Story

The original Toy Story isn’t just sad. Kids not caring about old toys is inherently sad. But there’s also that kid Sid who tortures toys and he’s like a big part of the movie. Sad and horrific. A classic?

1. Up

You knew this was coming. With Up, Pixar just did a mic drop on depressing movies. Look a cute dog! Look, an adorable Old Man with a balloon! Look! A movie about the pain and suffering of getting older and outliving your loved ones!

Seriously Up is a great movie, but not exactly a crowd-pleaser with the whole family.


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