7 Ways To Rock Sideburns

From Benedict Cumberbatch to Mos Def, these men show that there’s no one way to rock sideburns.

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Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Sideburns often take a back seat to beards and mustaches. These famous men prove that sideburn styles can make the look — and should be put front and center.

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Squared Off

Rapper Mos Def is known for his ever-changing facial hair. Here he wears long sideburns that have been trimmed and shaped. They stand out against his beardless face and highlight his naturally high cheekbones.

Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images
Fade To Scruff

Actor Robert Robert Pattinson shows off his jawline by letting his sideburns fade into a light 5 o'clock shadow. This makes his face appear even more chiseled. He avoids going full clean cut which adds a bit of roughness against the suit and tie.

Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images
Short And Sweet

Benedict Cumberbatch wears a style reminiscent of classic Hollywood leading men. These short sideburns don’t overpower his face and add the right amount of 70’s cool.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images
Long And Shaggy

Actor Benicio Del Toro takes trucker core to a new level by wearing extra long sideburns. Paired with a denim shirt and classic trucker hat he looks straight out of the 1970s. This can easily transition into a full mutton chop by allowing it to grow out along the law line.

John Sciulli / Getty Images
Clean Cut

Steven Yeun opts for medium sideburns that complment grown out low haircut and light mustache and goatee. The slightly pointed sideburns add a bit of maturity especially in combination with the tinted shades.

Valerie Macon / Getty Images
Pencil Thin

A throwback to the 90s, these thin sideburns are worn down the entire face and connect to the goatee. As seen here on rapper and entrepreneur Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. This style really accentuates the jawline and looks great below the skin fade haircut.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
Triangle Shaped

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen is known for his frequently changing appearance. Here he sports bold and sharply angled sideburns. It works well connected to his scruffy beard area. He’s surprisingly well put together.

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